We here at tonybullard.com would like to congratulate our founding member, Tony Bullard, on another year of life. As he embarks upon his 28th year of life, we would like to honor his mother for laboring him, his father for his hand in raising him, and his two sisters for doing all they could to destroy him before his adolescents. (Fortunately for us all he eventually hit puberty around the age of 18, and he was able to overcome them.)

Over the last year we have watched out founder raise his beautiful son, fall deeper in love with his wife, and become increasingly obsessed with bicycles. One will eventually kill him, one will bring him great frustration, and the other will cause lacerations and 2nd degree burns. We will leave it to the reader to decide which.

The staff here debated how to commemorate the last year, but ultimately decided against a recap, or “clip show” style recount of previous posts. We believe that if our readers wanted to ponder over the last year, they could easily go through the archives on the right. That, and we’re lazy, just as our founder has taught us to be.

So with that we ask that you join us in commemorating one of the most “OK, I guess” guys in the world on this day that we choose to honor his birth. Congratulations Mr. Bullard, you just got older.

  • Big Sis

    Your founder should teach you how to spell. Tell him I said I hope he likes his pirate card, which is what Sam was giving away back at the cabin that had him thinking there was a birthday surprise. Sorry!

  • Mom

    Happy Birthday to yew,
    Happy Birthday to yew,
    Happy Birthday dear TeeeeeeeJaaaaay,
    Happy Birthday to yew!!
    And many mooooore . . !

    (And I hope you remember I made more of a contribution than just laboring with you.)

    Love you! Mom

  • Dad

    A real 28 year old blessing with many more blessings to come.