with a graphic like this, do i really need a title?

Yesterday, at about 5:30 Teresa informs me she may be induced today. There’s a few tests she needs to do, (Something about low fluids. Can’t Jiffy Lube take care of that?) and if she tests positive for them, they’re going to go ahead and pop the baby out. This is a little disconcerting on a few fronts. The first, of course, being the health of the baby. He’s measuring 32-33 weeks along, despite the fact that he measured 36 weeks last week. (week week week.) So perhaps he’s shrinking? That’s no good. I never saw Benjamin Button, how did it end?

The over all idea is that if she is low on fluids, he’s far enough along that having him out in the ‘real world’ is better than trying to um…I don’t know, top her off? I honestly have no idea how this all works.

Then of course, most importantly, how this all affects me.

I’ve spent some time in contemplation, thinking about how this will change our lives. You’d think having a second kid isn’t such a big deal, since you’ve already had one, but for some reason, it is. I’ve already forgotten most of infant care. I think it’s something along the lines of “don’t support the head” and “shake when crying.” Maybe, I don’t know if that sounds right.

Here’s a great example of how my life is already changing. I’m trying to write this post, and Tree informs me that we need to “go” to the “doctor” to get “tests” to see if she’s going to be induced right now. Gah! I never get any ME time!

Real quick, since I know this is going to be a big deal use #BullardBabyWatch2010 for Twitter trending topics. And keep your eyes here for all updates.

  • Beth

    Hope it all goes well! Love you guys!