why’s it always so tragic?

I stepped off the train with my bike, ran down the length of one car, and tapped on the window rapidly, trying to get my son’s attention. He had his usual “I’m just here, doing my thing” expression. Teresa had her over-joyous mom smile on, “Say bye-bye to daddy!”

I hate when she leaves. It always feels like a tragedy. I’m always convinced she’ll be kidnapped at a rest stop, or in this case, the plane will crash. Something.

So now I have 4 lonely nights ahead of me. I tried to fill them with nights out with friends, but Juan has been struck down with the grade school plague known as Pink Eye. Yeah, I know, next thing will be chicken pox and maybe lice. He should get cool adult illnesses like me. Prostatitis is where it’s at.

Tree and Noah will be back Friday afternoon. Until then, I’ll have to keep myself happy with this:

  • Mom

    Four nights. Wow. Pray for a military wife and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  • http://tonybullard.com tonybullard

    Ouch. Strong words from my mom. Stings a little.

  • http://www.onestepahead.com/catalog/product.jsp?productId=148756&cmSource=Search Big sister

    Whoah. You know its bad when your Momma has to talk to you like that. Being one of those military wives, I will bestow some pity on you, for I know how it feels to lose a spouse. For FOUR whole days. Must be SO hard. If you didn’t catch the sarcasm, it was there. But seriously, I know it’s hard. I pray she will be back safely with your baby boy before you know it. =)

  • Mom

    I really DO feel sorry for you, Son. Guys just don’t do well without the woman around. It’s a measure of your relationship that you’lll miss her so much, and that’s a great thing. And I get to have lunch with Teresa and Noah on Thursday! Luv ya! Mom