Using Tasker to create reminder notifications for Android

If you’re an Android user, I highly recommend you check out Tasker. Tasker is an automation app that can control just about anything in your phone. You can do things as simple as telling your phone when you want it to go to silent, loud, vibrate, etc, to more complicated tasks, like notifying your wife via SMS when you’re five minutes from home. It’s a little pricey ($6.50) but it’s an incredibly powerful app, and I think it’s well worth it. It’s the first app I suggest to new Android users.

Check below the fold for the full tutorial.

I’m currently on a diet, and part of it is logging my meals into a calorie tracking app. I’ve done this many times before, but I often end up forgetting to log meals, and after a while my logs become pretty useless. So I wanted to create a way to remind myself to log all my meals. Yes, I could set a series of alarms, but with a tiny bit more work, I could create a much more graceful solution. What you’ll end up with is a notification that pops up with a short vibration and sound effect, and when you click it, it will open up the app of your choosing. In my case, it’s MyFitnessPal.

OK, so the first step in this process is to create a “Notification Click” which tells Tasker what to do when you click on the notification (which you’ll make later.) So click on the Add button at the bottom of the screen. You can name it whatever you want. In my case, I named it “Food Log Click.” Select “Event”, then “UI”, and finally, “Notification Click.” In the “Title” field, enter a name. I chose “Log Your Food.” It’s important that you remember this, as you’ll need to call on it later for your notification.

Click the Green Check.

After you’ve named it, you’ll select “New Task” and you don’t need to name this one. The Task Edit screen will come up, and you’ll click the add button, and select “App” and then “Load App.” At this point, you select the app you want to launch when you click the notification.

Press the green check mark, and your Notification Click is finished. On to the next step.

Next, you’ll be making the notification. I have 3 of them, each launched at specific times of the day. You can have more or less, it’s just a matter of making additional notifications. Again, press the add symbol at the bottom of the screen. I named this one “Food Log Morning.” Select the “Time” context, since we’ll be launching the notification at a specific time. Now, you simply set the “From” time to whenever you want it. Deselect the “To” time, or else your notification will disappear after that time period passes.

Click the Green Check Mark.

Now the Task Selection screen will come up again, and you select “New Task.” It will ask you to name this task. I recommend you do, as you can then call it back up for every following notification you want to make, which will save you some time. On the Task Edit screen, click add. Select “Alert”, then “Notify Sound”. Title this notification whatever Click task. Again, I chose “Log Your Food” earlier, so I’m using it here. The “text” field is simply what the notification says when it pops up. Put whatever you want here. If you leave it blank, it will just say “Alert.” Set the “Number” slider to “1.” Then find a sound file you want to use by clicking the magnifying glass.

Click the…oh, you get it at this point. You’re back at the Task Edit Screen. Press the plus again. Select Alert, then Vibrate. Its set to 200 ms. That’s a nice little single buzz. Just click the check. You should now have this:

Press the Green Check, and you’re all set.

If you want to add more notifications (as I did), then you’ll simply repeat that notification step, but this time you’ll only need to select the named task after setting the time. In my add task menu, I now have an entry titled “Food Log Notification.”

Selecting that will create a finished notification, the same as the first notification, only at the newly selected time. That’s called streamlining.

So there you have it. I have 3 of these set up, so after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I’m reminded to log my food. You could use this for just about anything really, but I’ll leave the ideas up to you.

  • Mom

    Gee . . . living on a boat does it for me.

  • Jesso

    Oh, this is handy. Thanks for the step-by-step! I would have never got this on my own. Now to find other things to have my phone nag me about…

  • Aj

    Can a snooze option be created?

  • Tony Bullard

    I’m sure there’s a way, but I’m not sure what it is.

  • Nick

    I have an automatic snooze (only once, you can play with repeating it if you want). Since I either read in the morning or the evening, I don’t want the notification listed all day, except on Saturdays.

    This is in text, but if you can follow the above example, you should be able to piece together these profiles.

    Note: I make my notifications ‘Permanent’, so they only go away when I click them or slide them off the screen. I have other notifications that I like the Clear button to remove in batch, but NOT my todo list.

    Profile 1: Event Scripture AM
    @ 7:00 am
    Variable Set: Name %SCRIPTURE To 0
    Notify: Title Scripture

    Profile 2: Event Scripture AM Skip
    @ 9:00 am
    @ Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, or Fri
    Notify Cancel: Title Scripture

    Profile 3: Event Scripture PM
    @ 16:00 pm
    @ Variable Value: %Scripture = 0
    Notify: Title Scripture

    Profile 4: Event Scripture Clicked
    @ Notification Click *, Scripture
    Load App: App Bible
    Notify Cancel: Title Scripture
    Variable Set: Name %SCRIPTURE To 1

  • Nick

    I failed to put in a comment about repeat.

    Profile 2: Event Scripture Snooze
    @ 9:00 am repeat X minutes/hours until XX:XX
    @ Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, or Fri
    Notify Cancel: Title Scripture

    Profile 3: Event Scripture Was Snoozed
    @ 10:00 am repeat X minutes/hours until XX:XX
    @ Variable Value: %Scripture = 0
    Notify: Title Scripture

  • tonybullard

    Wow, thanks Nick!

  • drrevan lamboonavar

    please help me to get inspirational quotes hourly displayed in notification bar with tasker and auto notification, i tried many times but failed

  • Tony Bullard

    I’d recommend you check out for better help than I could ever get.