this week in noah, volume q

I’ve been putting this off because I’ve been busy/feeling daunted about what to write. So here’s an already outdated video of Noah.

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  • Page

    What a smarty pants! And cute to boot! And just so you know in the future, we love all the videos, even the outdated ones :) Oh, FYI, the Air Force is on to you. I’m no longer aloud to view your website on government computers :(

  • Big Sis

    Such a cutie-patootie! I wish I could get my hands on him. Request: make a video showing his obsession with cars!

  • tonybullard

    You know, it’s funny, he rarely says anything about cars while we’re taping. Mostly cause we’re taping when he’s doing something OTHER than talking about cars. I’ve wanted to edit together all the time’s he’s said “cars” but we just don’t have much on tape.

  • Mom

    Did you not notice the car in his left hand as he points out head parts with his right?! Teresa had to work his PJ’s over not just his hand but the car, too!