this holiday season in noah

It’s time for another installment in the “This [time period] in Noah” series. Not much video shot lately, so this video doesn’t cover a lot. I’ll warn you, this video is more of a grandparent friendly one. It’s cute…and then it goes on for too long. Fast forward if you get bored, but there’s a lot of cute here.

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  • Mom

    TOO CUTE!! I have the most talented grandsons in the world!! And I bet Kathie will sterilize the mike after she sees this . . . ! Sure enjoyed being with you guys, even if some of us did have to pay for it. . . .


  • Mom

    I see now the reason Sam didn’t sing during his Christmas program–he needed his own microphone!!

  • Big sister

    Mom’s right! Now I know how I got the virus! Thanks for that, TJ.
    I love how Noah bites his lip as he aggressively rocks out. I think he’s going to be the next Hendrix the way he handles that guitar.

  • Page

    hahaha! When I watched it with Elijah he covered his ears as soon as Sam started singing! It was hysterical!