this could be habit forming

Noah and I went out for another bike ride this morning, thanks to Teresa being canceled for work today. That’s 2 rides in 2 weeks. That’s a tradition I wouldn’t mind starting.

Noah rode 6.33 miles this time around. Up from 4.5 last time. He claims he can do 8 miles next time, but I think his bravado may get the best of him, leaving me stranded on the greenway with a sobbing, tired child.

As if riding with Noah wasn’t fun enough, we also discovered that RAMBO has another set of single track trails towards the opposite end of the Roswell-Alpharetta Greenway from the Big Creek Trails. The sign listed them as beginner and a little more advanced, which to me says “Perfect for going fast on your cyclocross bike.” Which means, maybe next time (next year?) I get to go for a ride by myself, maybe I’ll check that out rather than the Big Creek trails. Noah and I rode on them for a little bit, but they got kind over his head pretty quickly, and he had already ridden 3 miles at that point, so I didn’t want to tire him out for the ride back. Maybe next time we’ll drop into the Greenway closer to those trails and give them a good try.

I’m babbling. Here’s a picture of Noah looking cute and awesome at the same time:

He loves riding on dirt. Gonna have to get him out there on more of it.

2 more weeks and Desi will be old enough for a helmet, which Teresa deems the right time for him to start accompanying Noah and me. Upside, family rides, and probably “Daddy and the boys” rides every Saturday. Downside, Tree will probably frown on me taking Desi on that new found single track.

Either way, it’s more bike riding, and that makes me happy.