the metal vocal tutorial

Download the Metal Vocal Tutorial HERE
.mp3 | 4:17 | 3.92MB

The Metal Vocal Tutorial was originally recorded in 2003 for a small group of people on the forums. Since then it has gained ground all over the internet, and is downloaded more than a hundred times each month.

While I’d love to help everyone, I don’t know the answers to everything. I’m not a pro, just a guy who’s been in a metal band or two trying to help others.

Please don’t ask me how to sound like “_____” from “______.” I don’t know. There are many different ways to scream, this is how I learned. I’d encourage you to ask Vocalist X from Band Y how he/she does it, and let the rest of us know.

I mentioned Melissa Cross’s “Zen of Screaming” in the tutorial. You can find it here.

  • Lauren

    the mp3 REALLY helped me. I’m 13 and in a starting band. I’ve been trying to do the throat (growl) but I always feel faint. So, thanks, it’s been really helpful ^.^

  • Freddy

    Hey man! thanks so much. this realy helped me alot! this technique is so much easier then any other i’ve tried :)

  • Dave

    Thx man, I’ve started working on my growl now 😀

  • DaBest

    i can do it bro…but its a grt tut

    thanks alot

  • wierdguy

    thanks alot man this guide has basically told me how to do things right while all this time i have been doing it wrong so thanks alot really appreciate the tips.

  • Petter

    Just for the record… the diaphragm isn’t at all used for pushing out air, it’s a muscle that’s used for pulling air in, and maybe while doing nr.2… While singing you use the muscles around your waist, so thats what you’re training, the tecnique should be working thou, so whatever muscle it is, it doesn’t matter… Thanx alot for an apreciated tutorial!

  • Petter

    oh…. yeah… forgot something… when you breath out like usual… what you do is relaxing the diaphragm, that hs the result of “releasing” the air, thou when you need tho “push” you use other muscles, not doing that is often the reason that you wear out you voice…

  • mr.creamy

    that really helped me about the whole technequie of screaming, cheers for the tips !!!

  • mati

    awesome dude! huge thanks

  • R B

    Really useful, makes more sense than other tutorials by relating it to something you would do normally, other tutorials go on about ‘doing it from your diaphragm not your throat’ which leaves me confused, thinking ‘how do you tell?’, but the way you explain it makes much more sense.

    PS. That Black metal bit, ‘Puddles of darkness and evil’ always makes me laugh for some reason 😀

  • Bert

    U are god!! xD
    It was really useful, and with a sense of humor too ^^

  • borsti

    Epic just epic thanks man it´s great… can you also pig squeal??????

  • Anon

    Fucking amazing tutorial, thanks man keep awesome.

  • David

    At first, thank you so f***ing much, I spend hours trying to find something useful to learn this. After the Metal Festival at the Weekend my voice was destroyed. Now I tryed your technique just one time and it feels way better, thank you very, very much.

    Greetings from Germany

  • Will

    Raqua Teen ok seriously blew my mind when I heard it. Your vocals are very impressive. For the young kids who have not heard it check out “Aqua Teen Hunger Force Volume 4 DVD Set.” Tony does not seem like the guy to brag about himself but check it out….

    All the beast,

  • Tracie

    This is just fantastic; You have such a good way of explaining it! Thankyou so much.

  • Vince

    Holy wow man.. Before this I used to mess around and scream.. But now I can scream like say vanna and dance Gavin dance.. Thanks for the help!!!

  • Austin

    I was wondering if you have any pointers. Ive been screaming for about 3 years and ive got a good handle on it but i still feel groggy in the troat aftwards and some soreness and i dont want to cause anymore harm to myself and i really dont want to quit what i do. Any Ideas?

  • Will

    I have been screaming for about a year now and my buddy told me about your tutorial so i checked it out, i agree with your methods and you helped me with the one thing i struggled with, my endurance but thanks to you i have a great reputation in savannah for being one of the best screamers! thanks dude

  • Chris

    Hey dude thanks for the tips but does smoking effect my voice at all? It’s made my voice deeper but will it degrade my ability to keep a note?

  • Arka

    THIS IS AWESOME………especially with Melissa Cross’ “dump” and “rotunda”!!!!!!!!!

  • Sarragoth

    I try to learn to scream but then i do it i can only scream the Angry Sight noice for a few seconds and… It want sound like ROOOAAARRRR
    It instead sound like RLRLRLRLRL!?!?!?

    Also i cant scream for very long before it begins to hurt.
    Pls Help My Problem 😛


    Youtube :

  • Novostnic

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  • bram


  • Michelle

    Hello, my name is Michelle. Honestly, I have no clue how so sing at all. I have a goal and it is to be in a band (black/death metal) when i graduate from college. How can I learn to sing black metal?

  • Danny

    hey bro. estimated how long did it take with practice, like what was your daily schedule.OHAND any thoughts on smoking cigs?

  • Tom

    Hey Tony, thanks a lot for making this mate. You may not be anyone special, but you know what you’re talking about, and you’ve definitely helped me to improve my vocals. I thought they were pretty good before, but after practising more with your technique my band has been really impressed and our tone has gotten a lot better.

    Thanks man, and congratulations on the new baby too!

  • Akshansh

    man i have trouble screaming Matt tuck frm bullet for my valentine after i sing a bit of mettalica.. i really dnt knw wats wrong..but my screaming sounds awful which sounded gud before..!!

  • Leonin

    Dude! I loved this tutorial!
    Especialy the Deth-Grunt style
    It was hillarious XD

    Keep up the good work!

  • Guy G

    Excuse for my English if what not so. Somebody heard about existence to school of a nonconventional vocal?

  • Corey

    OMG thank you man, I have been able to inhale scream for 6 years, and no matter how many videos I watched or no matter who tried to teach me, I just never got how to exhale scream. Thank you this mp3 has helped me majorly, it is easy to understand, and you explain the technique and the steps clearly.

  • punkaz sharma

    …malai nikkai khusi lagyo ,,, ghanta tapaiko tutorial ta sattis cha ni mamzz.. thnx lot… hell lot of thanx

  • Alexi

    Really helpful, man…. THank you!!

  • Cameron

    I still can’t do death growls but this tutorial at least showed me a way to learn. Thanks.

  • Punkaz sharma

    I DON’t Know why but just as mom is my God of my life, Tony is the God of my music intrest. YOU are one of the best persons, because I saw lots of rockstars and experts but none of them share their ability because they are scared that someone might do it better than them. .but Sir Tony here you did a great job!! U are a true Rockstar indeed

  • John K.

    Hey dude! Just wanted to say that your death metal vocal tutorial has helped me a lot! I found your tutorial 5 years ago (if I remember it right). And now I’m both doin’ vocal covers and playing with a band without hurting my voice thanks to you! Keep up the good work, man!:D

  • kyawpauk

    thanks dude

  • Adam

    You used to have the 2003 version of the tutorial on your site, and I kind of prefer it (had a good example, and funny when you say “blah blah blah” lol)! Are you able to put it back online? I can’t find it anywhere… Cheers!

  • Bapho

    THANK — YOU — SO — MUCH — !

    Your tutorial REALLY helped a LOT!!
    Perhaps now, my dark metal project can proceed.

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  • Jesse Nelson

    i started to attemp to scream about 4-5 years ago, and i was doing pretty well considering i didnt know what i was doing lol. then i found this 1.5 years into it. your tutorial has helped me so much and i cant thank you enough. and ihave mixed it with my own personal touch to make it unique. thank you tony. i am grateful :)

  • Tony Bullard

    Glad I could help!

  • numbvox

    So many memories, Tony. I remember when you posted this on the old Godcore forums. Ah, the good old simpler days.

  • Tony Bullard

    Ha! 13 years ago…we’re old now…