the crazy guy on the train

One of the fun things about riding mass transit is that you occasionally get to interact with the mentally unstable. I remember when I had first moved here, my friend brought his girlfriend up and spent the weekend here. We decided it’d be neat to take the train into the city and see the sights. Not 15 minutes into the train ride, a woman walked onto the train talking about how she had Bill Clinton’s baby, and the priest wouldn’t give her back the thousands of dollars he took. “Welcome to Atlanta” I whispered to John.

For months now, near the Sandy Springs station, there has been an interesting ad in one of the tunnels. There is a series of lit posters, that when the train passes, it plays like a small animation. You see some swooshes, and then a Speed Racer logo with a theater release date. It’s kinda neat, but also fairly surprising upon first sighting.

A couple days ago I was sitting on the train, and I watched it go by, and noticed the guy sitting at the window look back into the cabin with a “that was weird” expression on his face. I smiled and nodded my head, with a slight chuckle, as to say, “Yeah, pretty crazy huh?”

The guy had a quick look of shock on his face, and suddenly turned his face back toward the window.

So then I wondered if maybe he hadn’t seen the Speed Racer ad. Maybe he was just looking out the window, turned his head in, only to see a guy staring at him, smiling and nodding as if you say, “I’ll wear your skin as a hat.”

This makes me laugh. It makes me laugh like when you’re in class and you know you shouldn’t be laughing, but you can’t hold it in, and the pressure only makes you want to laugh more.

So let’s recap:
Complete stranger staring, nodding, smiling. Then he starts sputtering short snorts of laughter.

I’ve become the crazy guy on the train.

  • Big sister

    LMAO!!!! I knew you were a freak. I knew all along. LOL

  • Mom

    Sorry, Son–you get that from me!

    Love ya!

  • Page

    I’m not suprised by this at all…