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Last weekend I lamented about a problem that’s been looming over my head for the past several months. During the winter my lawn, like most lawns, seems to live in a state of suspended animation, just sorta sitting there, no care needed. Then the weather begins to warm up, it rains once, and suddenly I have a jungle waiting for me at home every weekend.

Two weeks before I lamented via facebook, I got a chance to mow it only because my parents were visiting, and they could watch Noah while I mowed. My only option it seemed was to keep getting relatives to come into town so I could mow the lawn. You see my dilemma.

So another week passed, the lawn went unmowed, and this morning watching Noah run through grass and weeds that came up to his waste was just pitiful. I was waiting for one of the neighborhood cats to come pouncing out of the tall grass like a lion.

After Noah’s nap today I couldn’t think of anything for us to do. I didn’t feel like taking him to the park, so I decided since I was going to be bored anyways, I’ll try and mow the backyard while Noah plays. At worst I get the mower out and mow 6 feet and have to stop. At best…well, I hate mowing the lawn so there really is no best case scenario here.

Teresa told me before that Noah got very excited when the neighbors were mowing, to the point where he starting whining when she finished. This was odd, cause when I was pulling the mower out of the garage Noah ran into corner like it was a monster, so I didn’t have high hopes.

Noah and I proceeded to the back yard, and I began mowing. Suddenly, something appeared in front of me:

Turns out Noah loves mowing. He followed me around the whole back yard. Of course, by “followed” I mean, “tried to cut me off and get in the way.” Either way, I was getting the lawn mowed, and lo and behold this was making it a less horrible task.

With the back yard finished, and Noah still pushing his mower around making “pbbbppt” noises with his lips, I decided to go out on a limb and try to mow the front yard. This has been the thing that’s kept me from trying to mow the lawn. there’s no way to feasibly restrain him in the front yard. I could go all out and try to leash him to a tree, but I’m pretty sure he’d chew a limb off. Any time he’s in the front yard he takes off across multiple neighbors yards. We’ve tested him, and no, he doesn’t stop after a while, realizing we’re not close. He just keeps going. So we move to the front yard, and I keep my eyes out.

He does try for the other yards a couple times, but his mower slows him down pretty well, and when I tell him I need his help mowing our yard he falls back in line pretty well.

It did take a little longer than usual since I normally don’t have to ask a toddler to get out of my way a hundred times, but ultimately it was a lot more enjoyable. Here’s hoping his fascination doesn’t die until he’s old enough to be left in the back yard while I mow the front.

Downside: I now no longer have a good excuse to not mow the lawn. Double edged sword.

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Final note: Seeing a toddler sweat is weird.

  • Big sister

    It is always a challenge to figure out how to do chores with them around. Especially outdoor ones. I think it will get better as he gets older and can entertain himself. Sam still loves to “help” me vacuum and he also just cuts me off and gets in my way. So annoying, and cute at the same time!

  • Mom

    You need to teach him “green light, red light.” It worked great with the girls walking in Berlin. It must be practiced frequently, however, and with fervor. Mom


    I don’t understand. We could never get you to do the lawn before. Enjoy this with Noah while you can as soon as he’s old enough to do the real thing he want go within 10 feet of a lawnmover.