dog people suck

So my cat has disappeared. We’ve not seen him for 9 days now. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat, but he always returned each night to sleep inside.

Every conversation I’ve had about the situation has had a similar thread. Not always so blunt, but the root of it has always been, “Well, it’s just a cat.”

People who say that suck.

I’m sorry if you’ve had bad experiences with cats. I’m sorry if you had one as a kid and it didn’t like you. I’m sorry that you’ve seen enough cartoons with mean cats that you’ve become convinced that they’re all evil. Even if they ARE all evil, I happen to like mine, and him not being around sucks. If you want to use this as evidence that I am evil by association, fine, but even the evil should be allowed to mourn. (Well, maybe not…evil people being really sad tends to end with world domination schemes.)

I’ve owned 4 cats in my life. All but 1 of them have been so awesome people couldn’t refrain from telling me that I have an awesome cat. Is that pure coincidence? Maybe it’s that you’re crappy cat experience has more to do with you than the cat. That sounds like a pretty cat thing to do. To be annoying to those that annoy you.

The one non-awesome cat was still a decent cat.

So, tirade aside, just nod your head politely when someone is lamenting about their lost animal that you have no affection for. They don’t need your input on pet quality.