so much to say

well, as long as i have been unemployed, it’s nice to be working. but i got to say, this whole two jobs thing is tough. there’s just something about waking up, going to work, getting off of work just in time to go to the next work, and then coming home and going to sleep that doesn’t make my tummy feel warm and fuzzy. the fact that i do nothing but work now really rang true as i did my laundry tonight, and realized it was nothing but underwear. sock, boxers, and undershirts. the only clothes i wear anymore, are my two work uniforms. that’s depressing. but i guess with cirque du soliel leaving town after the 21st (i usher for them while they’re in atl) i’ll get a little more free time in my evenings. which i will use to play video games mostly…not socialize…oh no…we don’t do that.

on a completely different note: as i drive around the rural areas of atlanta all day (my morning job is delivering pizza…wee.) i’ve come to realize i love this area. there’s just something about a big bustling city only a few minutes way, and yet you still get the wonderful older neighborhoods with beautiful houses that aren’t all the same (mental scars from florida will one day heal). and working at cirque, watching nearly 2,500 people go by every night, i’ve realized that there’s a lot of inter-racial dating around here. this is sort of a breath of relief for me, because most of what i’ve seen around atlanta seems to be fairly segregated. nothing seeming to jim crow or anything, more of a “birds-of-a-feather” kinda deal…but coming from a highschool where the racial minorities were the majorities, and every one got along in some sort of highschool utopia, it was a lot different to see things as i first saw them in atl. but i suppose i may have missed this intermingling of the races due to the fact that i don’t get to see much, if any, of the professional side of atlanta. i imagine one day i might actually have an exchange of business cards like the scene in american psycho, but for now, i guess i’m stuck delivering pizza to your door while you answer in your underwear.
yesterday, april first, was my cats 17th birthday. he’s old. he snores. I actually have a recording of it, and i can’t believe i’ve actually brought my cats into my webpage…next thing you know it’s going to look like this.