life at 50,000 feet

So last night I sat down and did my “50,000 foot view” as described by Getting Things Done author David Allen. Actually I can’t remember the exact altitude he called it, but that’s not important. The idea is you sit down and look at your life in whole and figure out where you want it to go. What you want it to be. You write down everything, no matter how outlandish. You create a clear picture of your desires and goals. Maybe even some you didn’t realize you had.

So last night I sat down and made a list. I’m pretty sure it was only half a list, as once I got started my mind began to wander like crazy. It was a little like opening the flood gates. Then, as if by plan, when I fell sleep I had a vivid dream about the company I work for being bought out by a charismatic European guy who basically told me I was free to have my job the way I wanted it.

So this morning after I woke up I started typing up my dream, in an effort to record as much info as I could before I forgot it (You know how dreams can be). I wanted to remember everything, so I could look back on it and figure out what I needed to do to make the dream a reality. Wow. That sounded really motivational speakery.

That, after all, is the mission behind the 50,000 foot view. Once you’ve got your list of where you want to be, you come up with your plan of how to get there. The details of that process are in Getting Things Done and too elegant for me to poorly boil down here.

I’m debating whether or not to post my list. Certainly not until it’s done. We’ll see. I haven’t sat down to start planning yet. I can’t decide if I should keep going with my list, or if I should try and start figuring out what I have now. Either way, I like where this is going. Wheels are turning. Lets see what comes out.

picky pepper packets

so it’s been a while. i could go on about working two jobs and whatnot, but i’ll spare you. i’m trying to cut down on complaining. which makes me wonder exactly what i’d put up here if i didn’t complain. well, judging by the last month or so, absolutely nothing.

as i start writing this, i realize i have nothing to say. this has been the cause for the delay also. i just don’t find myself all that interesting, so why the heck would you people. this sparks inside me the idea that i should turn this into a professional site…again. but then i think about who would ever look at it…since i’m not exactly a freelance engineer, and the idea of getting even more work right now makes me want to crawl into the corner and cry. but keeping as it is…this thing that i refuse to admit is a blog, seems kinda pointless also. cause well, i can’t remember the last time i posted anything on this site beside odd, meandering posts like this one. but maybe i can prevent this from being nothing more than another stupdi post by asking you this question, which you can respond to below in the little comments thingy. Netflix vs. Blockbuster. Blockbuster now has a program similar to Netflix. gimme pros and cons of each. or dont…whatever.

so busy

two jobs is an interesting thing. i suppose my talking about it so much is a slight indication as to how much its affecting my life…and how much of a whiny little wuss i am…but we’ll just focus on the first part.

so this coming week is the last week of my job at cirque. so i’ll soon be free of the two job thing, and back in the “can i pay rent this month?” thing. i thought i was gonna hate the two job thing, and then i started to like it…kept me busy, got me lots of money, and now i think my body is telling me it’s finally fed up with all this stuff. i managed to sleep like the dead for almost 12 hours last night…which ended up making me late for my cirque job, and i ended up driving a 30 minute drive (which i did in 18) for no reason, cause the wonderful thing about cirque is, if you don’t get there on time, they have replacements for you, and you get to go home. so that’s one day i could have worked, but didn’t get to. i suppose it’s ok, my legs were starting to tell me that if i didn’t get off them soon, they were going to just shatter on me. so i finished playing tom clancy’s splintercell: pandora tomorrow. not as good as the first…but good none the less.
so i’ve figured out that i’m a racist. i have a horrible stereotype of a certain race, and it affects my outlook on them as an entire people. so to those who are of the indian decent (as in from india, not the native americans) i apologize…i love you all. you’re all so freakin’ nice! especially those of you with british accents…you’re my favorite. bend it like beckham…saw it, loved it. if it wasn’t for the rest of the show, i just might watch e.r. just for that indian girl in it. (same girl from bend it like beckham…coincidence? who knows.) i’ve never met an indian person i didn’t like. knew a few of them well in highschool…all nice people. delivered to a few at my day job (domino’s) all good tippers, all very nice. i’m sorry, but i can’t help but see you and instantly think, “i wonder what nice thing this person will say to me.” i know…it’s wrong, and i’m sorry, i just can’t help it.

i heard on npr some article about how some internet company had it’s help service in some small town in the midwest, and they decided to outsource to india, so now the town may just kinda fade away. the best part is the guy from the indian company called up the mayor of the midwest town and became friends with him, wishing the town well and whatnot. i sat, driving my car, listening to an indian man talking with a midwesterner like they were best buds, and i just tell ya…it’s just another thing feeding this racist heart of mine. what’s a guy to do.