Teresa Marie Bullard has officially completed her first garment. Ever since she started crocheting I’ve told her she has until winter to make me a beanie. She kept putting it off, thinking it was beyond her skills. Then yesterday she found a pattern, and at around 9pm she started it, and by 10:30 I had a sweaty forehead. Hooray!

Gaze upon Teresa’s first creation!

Note: No, I am not dying of a wasting disease.

fun to be had

Another installment of the rare quote post. Once again from the beautiful Teresa:

Next time you want to have fun with Noah … Well, at Noah’s expense …

Sidenote: Am I crazy, or does Q come way to early in the alphabet? It seems more like one of those “after T” letters.
Sidenote 2: I’ve always hated S because it comes before T (the first letter of my name), like it’s all special or something. I’ve also always considered R to be the force that keeps them from fighting about it too much.