i love my son

This morning, just after my alarm went off and I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, I heard a sound I hear most mornings: my son slowly opening his door, whimpering in his ever constant “I need something but I’m not going to tell you want” whine.

But this morning it was a little different. Normally it only takes him a few seconds to travel from his room to ours. But now his whine seemed sustained, and stationary. And with it an occasional odd squeak. I lay quietly, trying to figure out what he was doing. His whines grew louder. I decided I should get up and see what’s going on before he graduates to full tantrum, which can be hard to come back down from.

What I find is my son, laying on the floor, half conscious, trying to drag his bike out of his room. The handlebars were stuck on the door. He woke up from sleep, walked to the end of his bed, and tried to ride his bike out of his unlit room. The first thing on his mind when he woke up was “I wanna ride my bike.”

I love my son.

my first race

Saturday morning I’ll be participating in my first ever bike race. It just so happens to also be a 24 Hour relay race.

Starting Saturday at Noon, ending Sunday at Noon, I’ll be racing with a 5 man team. Each lap is about 12.2 miles. It’s up to your team to decide how you’ll ride. You can do a lap at a time and switch, you could take a couple, three laps at a time, however you please. There are two ultimate goals, highest lap count, and highest points. Points are achieved by doing side missions, most of which are secret until the race begins. After all, the whole time the race is going on, 4 of your team mates are sitting around doing nothing.

I’m nervous to say the least. I road the course Monday, but other than that, my bike has been hanging in the garage all week. Events of the week fell just right so as to prevent me from riding to work at all. Maybe tonight I’ll try and ride, or, worse case scenario, I can try out that bike trainer I got at a garage sale last weekend. Something weird about watching TV while you bike though…

I feel very unprepared. Exercise aside, I have no idea what to bring. I’ll be camping, sort of. I’ll never go longer than 3 hours sleeping. So I probably won’t bring a tent. Plus I have a slight romantic notion about sleeping under the stars. In reality I’ll just hate myself for not bringing a tent. I’ve never ridden with endurance in mind, so I don’t know what to eat or drink. I’m basically just skimming youtube tutorials and articles on race nutrition, trying to pick up as much as I can, all while not being willing to go out and spend a bunch of money on crazy ‘gels’ and other such fitness nutrition supplies.

I plan on twittering and such during the race. Apparently you can watch the race “live” in Google Earth from the race tracker. Not sure what it will do. No video or anything that fancy…but it’ll track the race somehow I guess.

This is a long, rambly, unentertaining post, and I apologize for that. I’ve had a long, rambly, unentertaining day, and I just want it to end. But while I feel like just vegging out on the couch, I’ve got to motivate myself enough to give this race real thought so I can prepare.