desi power!

Did you know I have a second son? It’s true. I haven’t mentioned him much here. I searched for “Desmond” and got 3 returns. That’s less than one per month of his life. That’s a great sign. I imagine if we ever have a third, he/she won’t be mentioned until roughly middle school age.

And yes, I also searched for “Desi,” only to find I use the word “desire” a lot.

I feel it’s safe to talk about Desi, now that he’s ‘turned’. Before a week or so ago, I’d always try to hush people when they spoke of how calm and good he was. It’s true, Desi was the perfect baby. He ate, he slept, or he sat patiently and smiled. He didn’t cry during bath time, he never complained about being cold…heck, he’s even smile and laugh when you changed his diaper. It almost made up for the horrid assault on your nose. So, needless to say, I didn’t want to jinx it by lauding the wonder of my perfect baby, lest God decide to smite my pride.

So I refrained. And God smote anyway.

Desi has now become a fairly standard baby. He’s still abnormally adorable, but now he screams if you leave him in his swing for more than 15 seconds; he whines when he’s hungry, that is to say, all the time; and he now does this awful back arching thing when you change his diaper. While crying.

He’s not all bad. He smiles just about any time I get in his field of view, as long as I’m not currently making him unhappy. That’s where the “abnormally adorable” part comes in.

When we started telling people what we were going to name him, a co-worker of mine told me that the word “desi” is slang for an Indian person. Now, this co-worker, Gopal, while Indian himself, is also a pathological liar. He’s the guy who’ll give you an answer to a rhetorical question, and then argue that it’s true, no matter how outlandish, just to see if he can convince you. He’s one of those people. So needless to say, I didn’t take it to heart. (I just realized I use “needless to say” a lot too. That’s a great pattern to have on your blog, you saying that the things you say are not needed. Often.)

Then a couple months ago, I ran a Google search on Desi, probably to see if anyone has bought and came upon several sites dedicated to Indian culture. The one time Gopal wasn’t lying through his teeth. So it’s true, ‘Desi’ is slang for Indian. Luckily it’s nothing negative, he just may get some funny looks from Indian folks when he introduces himself. I imagine it being similar to meeting a guy named ‘Cracker.’ Or something.

But this morning is what made me decide to post about it, since I saw this on my way to work:

Inside the Lexus was a Indian woman having a spirited conversation on her cell phone. As I drove past her, I gave her a big thumbs up, mouthing the words “DESI POWER!”

I think she understood.