fun to be had

Another installment of the rare quote post. Once again from the beautiful Teresa:

Next time you want to have fun with Noah … Well, at Noah’s expense …

Sidenote: Am I crazy, or does Q come way to early in the alphabet? It seems more like one of those “after T” letters.
Sidenote 2: I’ve always hated S because it comes before T (the first letter of my name), like it’s all special or something. I’ve also always considered R to be the force that keeps them from fighting about it too much.

best $5.75 ever spent

I rarely ever buy “singles.” I’m kind of a believer in the concept of “The Album.” But I just went through my mental library of those cool songs you know but have never really heard all the way through. So I put the few lyrics I knew of each song into Google and went on the hunt. Most were pretty easy, since they’re all pretty popular. Anyway, I figured I’d share my finds, since I’m so excited about every last one of them.

Sidenote: These are all amazon links that get me money if you click through and buy them. That’s not a suggestion you do so, but I figured linking to the amazon mp3s was the easiest way to share the songs with you, and if I’m linking, I might as well use the kind that just may get me money. I promise this is not me trying to figure out ways to make money.

Anyway, the songs are as follows:
Cars by Gary Numan
Funiculì, Funiculà by Luciano Pavarotti
Beyond The Sea by Robbie Williams
Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra
The Girl From Ipanema by Stan Getz
Largo al factotum – from The Barber of Seville

Altogether, $5.75. Not too shabby in my opinion. Can’t wait to hit them on random right up against Vader or Black Dahlia Murder.