remember me?

it’s been almost twenty days since my last post here, which is funny considering if you look down a few posts i make this new resolution to work really hard to find content for the site..but the fact of the matter is i got an education to finish off and a career to start, and i don’t think this site is really gonna help either of those. now i’m not giving this site up of course, cause that would make sense.
i think the prime problem with this site is that i refuse to decide what i want it to be about. when i first started, it was solely because i was given the domain for free. i put up what basically became a how-to of self deprecation. (see how smug i seem when i teach you new words?) it was quite a while later when i decided i would focus the site on my poetry, which is why, as you can see, it is the first link under “home.” that’s my little way of saying “click here.” but seeing that i haven’t written anything new in several months, it’s just sort of become a site of infrequent news post of a highly sarcastic nature and a horrible misuse of quit, quiet, and quite.
i have many interests. i have thought of putting up a site about home recordings, posting tips and such about what i’ve learned in my own experiences, and things i’ve learned at the fancy recording school i now attend. i’ve thought about, at the risk of looking even geekier, mentioning my gaming habits more. I’ve even thought of adding a portion of the site on airsoft. but the ever looming fact is that there are better sites out there for that. so all you get is a few posts a month about random tidbits of news and trivial conversation peices.
case in point:
a short video of the sigfried and roy tiger attack has emerged and has quickly spread over the internet. You can find it here. careful…it’s not for young viewers.
a movie i’ve mentioned before “the passion” has changed it’s name to “the passion of Christ” and has now found an american distributor in newmarket films who also did memento, and donnie darko. they are aiming for an ash wednesday release (that’s february 25th for those of you who aren’t marrying a catholic)

kernels of deception

popcorn has got to be the most disappointing food there is. i like popcorn and all, but it’s really just one big culinary letdown. whenever anyone makes popcorn, anyone within a 100 foot radius knows it. popcorn is a very fragrant food. herein lies the problem. popcorn smells wonderful. the buttery aroma fills the air and creates little daydreams of fluffy golden kernels dancing on your taste buds. and there’s no avoiding it. it fills my apartment like clouds of warm buttery goodness. so what comes of this? you desire the popcorn, and you steal a handful from your roommate. and then the letdown. the popcorn tastes good, but it doesn’t taste like it smells. it’s buttery, a little sweet (kettel corn anyways) but it just doesn’t have that same wondrous buttery softness that the smell has. so you try and eat more, thinking you can condense the flavor, and possibly attain for your tongue the same plane of wonder that your nose is enjoying. your nose almost resents your tongue as if it’s not working hard enough to enjoy all this. and then you get done to left over seeds and greasy bowl bottom…the dream is never fulfilled. so you put the bowl in the dishwasher and attempt to forget this tragedy of clashing senses, but, as if to mock you, the wondrous smell of popcorn still lingers throughout your apartment. you hate the popcorn in your heart, but your nose tells you that next time will be better…it’s got to…it’s the tongue’s fault. so, in a sort of temporary insanity, you cook your own bowl popcorn, and it all starts over again. and this my friends, is how you go through a whole box of popcorn in a day.

stupid ADD

i had something witty and funny to say here, and then i was gonna mention the review of five iron fenzy’s “the end is near” and you were all going to laugh and think about how important is to your lives, and then you were gonna send me lots of money. but then i forgot what i was gonna say. stupid ADD.

too much heath

i sure could stand not to see another commercial for the order. it’s that annoying new heath ledger movie where he’s the worlds sexiest priest/evil stopper. funny thing is, when i saw the first trailer, it was uber-anti-catholic. i think the tagline was something like “behind the face of good, lies the soul of evil.” but now it doesn’t even mention the catholic church…thought that was funny.

on another note, i wonder what the animal rights people are gonna say about this. david blaine proves magic is nothing more than sitting around. first the ice thing and now this.