Well look at this! Not too shabby.

More than a year in the making (due to my trademark procrastination), I bring you the brand new tonybullard.com. What’s the you say? You’re wondering why I would spend time and effort on redesigning a site that I never post to? Well, first, thanks for being a returning customer. Second, since you’ve been here before, you should know by now that I rarely let logic get in the way of me doing something laborious and ultimately unfulfilling.

But why are we getting so negative so quickly?! There will be plenty of time for that later. For now, let’s enjoy the new look.

I’ve essentially just done the same thing I did the last time I redid the site. A little wider, a little fancier. There are a few new features you’ll see springing up. I’m now utilizing WordPress’s post format feature, so you’ll see different looks to different kinds of posts. This one is just a standard post, so nothing new here, but in the future you’ll see status posts, chats and quotes popping up that will look much different.

I also plan on bringing noahbullard.com content here into tonybullard.com. And it’s getting fairly obvious that Desi’s Dogma will start showing up soon at desmondbullard.com, and that will be incorporated too.

Crap. I just had a realization. Where do I post when they are talking to each other? I better reserve noahanddesibullard.com fast.

Anyway, here you go. A new look for the same posts you’ve been looking at for the last 6 months. Don’t get your hopes up.

EDIT: Already making changes. The post-it note status format, while well executed, was just too obtrusive to the design. So I replaced with with some Google Card UI goodness.