just because you’re site doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you can’t post on it.

it’s funny how excited i am about re-launching tb.com. if things keep going at this pace, tb.com would have been down for all of a week and a half. maybe. but i gotta admit, as soon as it was shut off, it made me sad. it kinda felt like being homeless. i wandered around the internet, and while i had a few well known haunts…there was no home for me. no place where i could go that i knew was mine. call me a dork, i don’t care, i love having my site. not to mention that of all my site designs, this one is my favorite. or at the least, it’s the one i’m most proud of. i’m learning more about photoshop as time passes, and lately i’ve been spending a lot of time on learning how to fake pictures and whatnot. stuff like this one i did for my band. so i just kinda pulled up a picture in photoshop and started playing around, and the design just sorta fell into place. it wasn’t the most difficult thing i’ve ever done, and any photoshop pro could figure it out real quick, but it took me a little thinking and recalling several aspects of photoshop’s abilities, and well, it took some skill, and that makes me proud. that was one long sentence. so now i’ve just got to go through and copy and paste a ton of html to format the old pages into the new design. this is where having fancy web design programs pays off. but i’m a purist, and i will continue to use the ever faithful notepad. so hopefully soon here i’ll have the site up and we can all enjoy tb.com like we use to. or perhaps differently. who knows.