MOC Adventure #002


So Noah and Desi got a ginormous LEGO present from some wonderful people from our church, and I must say, I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit. I made the joke when they gave them to us that it may be more of a present for me than them.

I’ve even got Tree respecting the LEGO brand with comments like “I don’t think we need any more LEGO.” (There’s no such thing as ‘Legos’.) Granted, her statement as a whole was the most evil of lies, but there’s something to be said about saying the wrong thing the right way.

So the boys and I were building the other day and this is a little something I cooked up. My second official MOC. (My Own Creation in the LEGO community) Nothing much, just a little ship. I just wanted to show it off.



She's got a big ol' booty.

She’s got a big ol’ booty.


What can I say. I like my ladies with a little junk in their trunk.

It’s finally happening

Noah has spent most of the day laying on the floor playing with LEGO. I couldn’t be happier. Here’s what he’s come up with:


The ATV in the back was actually built by me, from plans, but Noah altered it a bit. The multi-wheeled vehicle up front is all him.

This is his bird. I think it’s brilliant in it’s minimalism.

This is my little space ship thing.

Noah and I both agree: We need more LEGO.