a few notes on saturday morning tv

Thomas and Friends:
There’s an event in town, and all the kids are waiting for it. One train is assigned to carry the load of puppets, fireworks, ice cream, etc. Another train is jealous. Jealous train acts like a jerk and ends up wrecking. Jealous train learns lesson. The end.

You’ve now seen every episode of Thomas and friends. Congrats.

Sesame Street:
Teresa told me about this, but today I saw it with my own eyes. Theme song starts, Noah gets up to dance. He starts yelling, “Bike! Bike!” Just then, Elmo appears on a bike. Few seconds pass and he starts yelling “Car! Car!” Just then, the Grouch appears in a cab. Then it’s “Ball! Ball!” and a boy appears bouncing a ball. Noah has memorized the opening sequence of Sesame Street. he claps along with ll the kids on TV when it ends. Then he sits in his chair, and smiles for the next hour.

Not sure if this is cute, or a bad sign.