the 2010 music blowout special extravaganza!

I’ve wanted to do this for years, but with ever changing music library software, it’s been hard for me to keep track of what’s been added to my library throughout the year. But this year is different. This year, I’m organized.

I’m going to split this up in two sections. The first will be my favorite albums released this year. The second with we bands/albums that I ‘found’ this year.

2010 Releases

First up is Heliocentric by The Ocean. This band has been around for a while, but I first heard about them through some of their promotion for Heliocentric. I really like this album cause it’s very dynamic. The Ocean does a really good job of transitioning from slow, quiet, subtle melodies, to urgent, smash you over the head metal. Not many bands pull this off well. Certainly not with the same grace and style. Opeth comes to mind, but not many else. So, here’s “Firmament” from The Ocean:

The next bands fits into both sections, since I picked up two of their albums, but this one was released this year. Soreption, the Swedish technical death metal band, released Deterioration of Minds. Not much to say about this but fast, technical, and brutal. Here’s “Suppressing the Mute.”

Next is one of my favorite albums of the year. Option Paralysis is easily my favorite Dillinger Escape Plan album ever released. Miss Machine and Ire Works both had a couple songs on it that I’d consider more “radio friendly.” They still weren’t anywhere close to radio friendly, but for them, it was closer. I’ve said for years that I’d wish they’d release an album of that stuff. More melody, more dynamic songs. Option Paralysis is just that. There are so many good songs on this album it’s hard to pick one. That’s not true. Widower is probably my favorite song from DEP ever.

OK, last for the 2010 Release year list is easily the album I’ve listened to more than any other this year, which says a lot as it was released in June. Unlike just about everything I listen to, this is a straight up electronic record. It’s not dance music, though I suppose you could dance to it, it’s just super well made electronic music. Each song is superbly built, from beginning to end. Some go in crazy directions you don’t expect, and somehow manage to journey back to the main theme. I haven’t found a time yet that’s bad to listen to it. Whether I need to stick my head down and work hard on something, or I just want to rock out in my car, or just mowing the lawn, this album is strong while being subtle. On a more detailed note, the things they do with female vocals is awesome. Without further ado, A Dream within A Dream by The Glitch Mob


2010 Discoveries
First up is going to be Billy Talent. Now, had heard of Billy Talent before, but just from a video of their that I honestly hated. I hated the way the vocalist screamed with a fervor that made me question how someone like that could get famous. It was the video for Try Honesty. And that hair…ugh. But, that was years ago. Early this year I looked them up and realized that I REALLY liked them. I believe the song that made me think I should look them up was Fallen Leaves:

Next up is a band that I found via All Hail The Black Market. Not much to say, The Bronx is just an awesome band. Passion, fury, talent. All good things rolled into a crazy break neck punk rock band. Very good Times. Here’s Heart Attack American by The Bronx:

Then, there was Buke and Gass. Introduced to me by the ever amazing Radio Lab podcast. No way to describe these guys. The way they play with rhythm is awesome. There’s no great sounding YouTube videos of them, and I think hearing things clearly is important for these guys. So, you can check out songs at their bandcamp page.

I’ve been a Lily Allen fan for a while. I was really afraid about her second album though, knowing that she didn’t use Mark Ronson, who gave her her very ska/reggae feel. But even without that sound, Lily Allen still sounds like Lily Allen with her lyrics that are either bitingly sarcastic or brutally honest. Speaking of bitingly sarcastic, here’s “The Fear”

And lastly, another band that I found and was glad to get their entire discography, A Wilhelm Scream. This is the punk band for the guy who likes technical death metal. Fast and technical while still melodic and fun to listen to. Here’s 5 to 9:

So I’ll leave it at that. More than enough music to listen to, most of which none of my readers will like anyways. Actually, for them (read: my family) I’ll say that I recently found myself on a Frankie Valli kick. Here’s “Working my way back to you” by the Four Seasons. Awesome song.

coming soon

Most of you probably don’t know what that is. Abstractly, it’s doom for anything with ears. More subjectively, it’s a 4 Track tape recorder, and that box next to it is full of tapes. Those tapes originate from my highschool days. Those tapes contain hours of boredom fuel creativity. As I dig through it all, I’m going to pull out the gems and subject you to them.

As a preview, I’ve gone through two tapes, and I’ll give you the highlights:
A dance metal song with squirrel growl vocals.
The very first Soul of the Savior song ever recorded.
A song about wishing my life was like a show on the WB.
A “metal” cover of Bye Bye Bye from NSync.

This could be months of entertainment.