picky pepper packets

so it’s been a while. i could go on about working two jobs and whatnot, but i’ll spare you. i’m trying to cut down on complaining. which makes me wonder exactly what i’d put up here if i didn’t complain. well, judging by the last month or so, absolutely nothing.

as i start writing this, i realize i have nothing to say. this has been the cause for the delay also. i just don’t find myself all that interesting, so why the heck would you people. this sparks inside me the idea that i should turn this into a professional site…again. but then i think about who would ever look at it…since i’m not exactly a freelance engineer, and the idea of getting even more work right now makes me want to crawl into the corner and cry. but keeping as it is…this thing that i refuse to admit is a blog, seems kinda pointless also. cause well, i can’t remember the last time i posted anything on this site beside odd, meandering posts like this one. but maybe i can prevent this from being nothing more than another stupdi post by asking you this question, which you can respond to below in the little comments thingy. Netflix vs. Blockbuster. Blockbuster now has a program similar to Netflix. gimme pros and cons of each. or dont…whatever.

no news is good news

a little update on two of the things i posted on last time. apparently, heath ledger’s new movie “the order” didn’t even have a critic’s advanced screening. which means they didn’t even let critic’s screen it so they could write reviews. is there any better way to say that your movie is not worth seeing?
also, i mentioned david blaine’s next “trick”, which he has now started. 44 days in a box. neat. according to relevant magazine david has suffered not only starvation, but sleep deprivation. people have been seen throwing eggs and golf balls at the glass cube. one pedestrian was seen play a drum while david was trying to sleep. i’d feel sad for the guy, but he did put himself in a glass cube and hang it above london.

too much heath

i sure could stand not to see another commercial for the order. it’s that annoying new heath ledger movie where he’s the worlds sexiest priest/evil stopper. funny thing is, when i saw the first trailer, it was uber-anti-catholic. i think the tagline was something like “behind the face of good, lies the soul of evil.” but now it doesn’t even mention the catholic church…thought that was funny.

on another note, i wonder what the animal rights people are gonna say about this. david blaine proves magic is nothing more than sitting around. first the ice thing and now this.

what could be greater?

turns out that tim burton is gonna direct a new version of charlie and the chocolate factory. apparently the first movie, “willy wonka and the chocolate factory” didn’t make the writer of the book too happy, so they’re gonna take another pass at it. latest news i’ve heard on this is that johnny depp is the hopeful for the part of willy wonka. anyone who’s seen pirates of the caribbean probably understands why i’m excited about this. and for those of you who don’t know who tim burton is, it’s the guy who directed the first batman, nightmare before christmas, edward scissorhands and sleepy hollow. so you know, creepiness abounds. yippee!