Oi, what a first half of a day. So my buddy Juan had the idea that we all go out for a bike ride, but due to schedules and rain, we decided to cancel. But Tree and I figured we might have time to do a quick ride early in the day, so we decided to go it on our own.

Thus began Murphy’s Memorial Day.

You know, I started this post, and then we put Noah down for a nap, and we napped too. Now we’re all up, and I have that good tired feeling all over where I just wanna watch TV and eat ice cream. So I’ll just give you a short list of the crap that happened this morning, rather than the usual long rant fest:
1) blown bike inner tube
2) lost bolt for hold Noah’s bike seat onto my bike
3) bought new bike tube and blew out the sidewall of the tire while replacing it
4) bought new tire
5) rain

Yep. Making a short list really takes the wind out of 2 hours of an unending trail of issues keeping you from having a nice bike ride with the family. But as you can see, Noah had a fine time.

And it’s tough to complain when, at the end of the day, you can get a photo like this of you and your spouses leg: