just when you thought you had an original idea

So I’ve mentioned before that I’ve started to ride the train and bike to work. I started about a month ago, and I think if I can manage to stick to it through this heat, it’s probably going to stick permanently. This is a very good thing considering how much money I’m saving doing this.

The funny thing though is seeing just how quickly this idea is taking off. Obviously, the surge in gas prices is the catalyst, but it’s incredible to see how fast it’s growing. Monday last week everyone on the train got their own seat, but by Thursday, it was literally standing room only. Few things make you feel like shmuck more than entering a full train with a mountain bike. Ever gotten your shin gouged by a bike pedal? I have. Ask me and I’ll show you the scar some time.

Today I biked to the local bike shop looking for a cargo rack to put over my back wheel, and the guy there told me those are moving fast these days. He said pretty much anything commuting related is flying off the shelves. Desperate times call for desperate measures huh?

Maybe I should consider myself an early adopter. Yeah, that’ll earn me some cool-guy points.