signs of genius

This is a picture of my son. In his hands he has a set of keys we made for him. A set of keys I thought were long lost. He fished them from some unknown crevice, perhaps a couch or a toy box thick with plush and plastic. Once retrieved, he traveled across the house, and began to attempt to unlock the door.

I’ve heard the phrase, “Where do they pick this stuff up?” before, but it never really clicks until you see it for yourself.

A few days later, I find him with the DVD player’s disc tray open,and he’s placed a disc in it. Sure, it was upside down, but who hasn’t done that before? I have to question is taste though as it was some baby DVD of Teresa’s. Not like Baby Einstein baby DVD, like “The Glories of Natural Childbirth” baby DVD. It’s a little early for him to be learning where he came from. I don’t need my son’s first word to be “ovaries.” I get enough of that kind of talk in a house with a nurse.


I just had a wonderful experience with a butterfly on the subway platform. Judging by his erratic flying manner, I imagine he’s not long for this world. But he was nice enough to climb up on my hand and sniff at it with his long proboscis with great fervor. He was very brown. So much so he may have just been a pretty moth. One of his eyes was black, while the other was nearly clear. Intriguing little creature. Only problem was his insistence to stay on my hand, and the subway’s insistence for being on time.

The rushing world does not pause for such frivolous study of butterflies.

P.S. I totally stole “//” from Lucas Huang. But I doubt he reads my blog, so he’ll never know. Sucker.

and sometimes you have to wonder

I think Noah is smart. But I think Noah is smart the same way every parent thinks their kid is smart.

“My son looks at me when I call his name. He’s a genius.”
“He’s seven.”

But Noah does do some awesome stuff. Maybe it’s more cute than intelligent, but now, when you put pants on him, he’ll hold up his foot to help you get it in the pant leg. This goes for socks and shoes too. Not only adorable, but highly convenient. Which is nice, cause convenient actions and kids are a rare combination. Very rare.

But then, yesterday, he did something that struck me as a little less intelligent. As I was leaving for work, and Noah followed me out into the garage, he noticed the box for his drum set. He bangs away on his drum set all the time (seen climbing it in this video), so I was surprised to see him that excited about the box for it. Then he found a drumstick…

and proceeds to beat on it, like it’s the real thing.

So this means one of three things in my mind.
1) Noah thinks he now has two drum sets, and this one just sounds “boxier”.
2) Noah has little-to-no depth perception
3) Noah is actually intelligent and was doing a “Hey, heh, look! Heh, heh. I’m playing the drums!” joke.

Here’s hoping it’s the third one.

Note: Please forgive the quality of the cell phone picture.