mr. fix it. aka: mr. it’s not as bad as it was.

In the past I’ve shared concerns with my inability to ‘just know’ how to fix everything in the house. Somewhere along the lines I got this idea in my head that once you’re a home owner you should know how everything in it works. Using this logic, it is safe to say I am a licensed auto mechanic 3 times over.

After the wonderful flooring incident we had Teresa’s father replace all the outlets and light switches in the den/dining room so they’d be all fancy and white, rather than the traditional eggshell or whatever color that is. We took the opportunity to correct the random outlets that are installed upside down for no apparent reason.

Watching my brother-in-law and father-in-law replace these outlets made me realize that very little of home construction is true rocket science (no offense to either). Sure, there are safety precautions to take, and not taking them could mean death…but that doesn’t mean the process itself is all that mentally intense.

I ended up being left with a couple outlets unfinished. Maybe it was the busy schedule, or maybe my Father-in-law was testing me. Who knows. They went a few days without being finished, but Noah shocking himself kinda put a point on the need to expedite the process. So yeah, outlet replacement pretty much consists of screwing 3 wires onto the outlet. Add face plate, done.


And since there it’s been a slew of things. I replaced a ceiling light with something much more fitting of a hallway. Thanks to Ask This Old House I learned what a Low Voltage Ring is, and why it’s a much better solution than the one used by the previous owner, punching a hole in the wall, feeding a coaxial cable through it, and then just screwing the face plate into the dry wall.

It’s these learning experiences, and seeing the results of the previous owner’s work, that I’ve realized even an idiot can do a lot of this stuff. Today, while crawling around my attic I found an old bucket, the leftovers of a bathroom vent fan replacement, and a t-shirt. Yeah. I feel like someone in CSI putting together a timeline, trying to solve an assault and battery case where my house is the victim.

So with my new-found confidence I’m glad to say things are really moving along in my house. I have plans to install an antenna on the roof, run some coax through the walls rather than behind the floor molding, and make some sense out of the wiring in our house.

Sure, there may be some fallout from this new sense of self, but really, is two ceiling fans sitting on the floor in the middle of the den all that bad?