something a little different

So this morning I began my second try at a year end total of 1500 cycled miles. You may recall that my 2009 attempt ended abruptly, just 75 miles short of the goal. Well, now I’m 10 days into the new year, and only 45.21 miles behind schedule. What a way to start. 4.23 miles a day doesn’t sound like much when my commute is about 7 miles one way if I take the short route. But when you factor in things like this morning’s 19 degree weather, it suddenly becomes a little more daunting.

With the loss of last year’s goal looming over me, I knew I couldn’t avoid biking in cold weather much longer. Having a month with no miles covered makes the other 11 that much harder. I squashed my biggest hurdle by buying some nice warm gloves. I had bought some cheap ones last year, and lost one of them over the summer, so it was easy to make up excuses to not ride. I do need all my fingers for work. So despite sleeping horribly last night, interrupted by a vomiting toddler (and that line right there cements the topic of all the comments for this post), I managed to get up this morning, dress up like Randy from A Christmas Story and make my way to work.

Over the weekend we had a little bit of snow. Just enough to create nice slabs of ice on everything, and no weather warm enough to melt much of it away. I was a little afraid of sliding around this morning, so I took the route that puts me on the Greenway for all but 1.5 miles. That way if I’m sliding around, at least it’s no where near any 2 ton steel death boxes.

While the weekend rush of cars had managed to clean of most of the roads, the Greenway was still patched with snice – the product of light snow fall freezing into crumbly ice patches over days without any replenishing snow. I wanted to take some pictures, but that would have required me to free my hand from my new toasty gloves. Again, I need those.

The commute itself was rather uneventful. I think I enjoy riding the Greenway right now as I’ve learned to slow down and not race to and from work every day. Next time I feel the hankering for speed I’ll get back on the roads and pass the long lines of cars that stack up in the mornings. That’s always fun.

So, no real moral lesson of wisdom to impart. Just documenting my first sub-twenty-degree commute. Sprry if I made you super jealous.