noah plays the hits

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music is in the air

Noah Drums

My house has been especially musical lately. Today Noah finally started playing his xylophone correctly, with mallet in hand, rather than with flattened palms, which was never very effective. He’s been swinging drumsticks for a while now, something I’ve shown in previous videos, but his control has really improved, and I guess the xylophone progress indicates he’s managed to grasp the concept of a stick or mallet being used to play an instrument.

I recently set up my keyboard to play drum sounds, so Noah could bang away at that, but as mentioned earlier, he thinks it’s like the xylophone, and has started whacking at the keyboard with a drumstick. This makes a very loud “something is about to break” kind of sound, that makes me unhappy. My buddy Juan reminded me of my DD55 packed away in my garage, and I have to stay, I’m greatly in debt to him now. I’m not sure why I didn’t think about it. When I use to play it (back before I got my electronic set) I always said I’d pass it on to my kid when he/she wanted to learn. So at 5:15 I sat Noah down with it, and I finally had to pull him away at 5:45 to feed him dinner, and he wasn’t happy about it at all. I’ve never seen anything keep his attention for 30 minutes. He just whacked away at it, making all sorts of noise, favoring his left hand, and switching one stick between hands rather than holding two sticks at the same time. I must say, there’s little Noah could do to make me happier. I want him to be musical, never intended to force anything on him, but I never in my life expected him to be picking this stuff up so fast.

On the non-Noah side of things (for once) I’ve been making a lot more music lately than I use to. I haven’t posted anything here, as little of it for general listening audiences. I’ve taken up with, a website devoted to metal and rock guitars tracks, left without drums so drummers can play along as practice. I’ve managed to sell 22 tracks thus far, which is about 21 more songs than I’ve sold in my whole life. Turns out people can actually make money from selling music they’ve made. What a novel idea.

Problem is, I keep swapping back and forth between drumming and playing/recording guitar, and my hands are taking quite a beating. Thursday night I had to soak my hands in ice water due to blisters and pains from drumming too much. Tonight, my fingers hurt from playing to much guitar. I’m glad to be playing, but man is it taking it’s toll on me.

The final note in this music-centric post is a new band. I’ve formed a duo with a fella from Israel. We’ve thus far completed one song, and are both excited to work on more. It’s a long, and arduous writing process, recording, uploading to the net, waiting for response, over and over again, but it’s working surprisingly well considering. I’m quite proud of the new song, and hope the next few will come out a little quicker.

Well, this has gotten entirely too long. I’ll talk some more later about the new band, and ideas I have for trying to gain some ground on the ever-expansive internet. My fingers now hurt from typing to much. I’m falling apart. Sigh.