Well look at this! Not too shabby.

More than a year in the making (due to my trademark procrastination), I bring you the brand new tonybullard.com. What’s the you say? You’re wondering why I would spend time and effort on redesigning a site that I never post to? Well, first, thanks for being a returning customer. Second, since you’ve been here before, you should know by now that I rarely let logic get in the way of me doing something laborious and ultimately unfulfilling.

But why are we getting so negative so quickly?! There will be plenty of time for that later. For now, let’s enjoy the new look.

I’ve essentially just done the same thing I did the last time I redid the site. A little wider, a little fancier. There are a few new features you’ll see springing up. I’m now utilizing WordPress’s post format feature, so you’ll see different looks to different kinds of posts. This one is just a standard post, so nothing new here, but in the future you’ll see status posts, chats and quotes popping up that will look much different.

I also plan on bringing noahbullard.com content here into tonybullard.com. And it’s getting fairly obvious that Desi’s Dogma will start showing up soon at desmondbullard.com, and that will be incorporated too.

Crap. I just had a realization. Where do I post when they are talking to each other? I better reserve noahanddesibullard.com fast.

Anyway, here you go. A new look for the same posts you’ve been looking at for the last 6 months. Don’t get your hopes up.

EDIT: Already making changes. The post-it note status format, while well executed, was just too obtrusive to the design. So I replaced with with some Google Card UI goodness.

all swept up

Welp, here it is. Only 6 or so months after the last revision, I’ve once again changed the look of tb.com.

This time it came out of sheer frustration with my own disregard for proper web design. You see, when I first launched the blog version of tb.com, I simply hacked apart someone else’s WordPress theme (the files associated with how a blog looks) and altered it to my liking. I went at this knowing nothing about wordpress or the markup used for their themes. I had to teach myself CSS just to get by. So as you can imagine, the resulting website worked, but just barely. I put plenty of effort into you not knowing how shaky it’s foundation really was.

But as time has passed, and I’ve worked on other wordpress blogs, I began to learn more and get a better idea just what was going in inside all those .php files.

Even six months ago, when I altered the tb.com design slightly, I stuck to the original, hacked together layout, doing with it what I could. I didn’t want to redesign the whole thing, but it did need some change.

But a month or so ago I tried to make one small adjustment, changing a link in the header, and found that I couldn’t do it. I have no idea how, but essentially my blog was so fundamentally backwards in it’s construction, I had actually forgotten when there header files where, and was unable to find them. Anyone who knows anything about web design either thinks I typo’d, or their scratching their head at “header files“. You only need one header file. That’s how horrific this was put together.

So, this disgust came conveniently at the same time as I decided to build a new website from the ground up. TonyandJuan.com has expanded to TonyandJuanandAdam.com (coming soon) and I didn’t want to do another tear down of someone else’s theme. So I learned how to build a WordPress blog from the very first file, all the way to what you see here. Well, I learned on what you will see at TonyandJuanandAdam.com in the future, but here’s what I practiced on afterward.

Overall, the functionality of the site is the same, with one small change. The photos ‘page’ is no longer a static page with those scant four galleries. It is now simply a way to find all the photos I’ve posted. It’ll list them with the title of the post they belong to, and they’ll link back to their original post. That’s all really. With that feature I plan to start posting more short-form posts that are picture centric. Like this one. Really it’s best for us both. I still feel like I’m entertaining you, and you don’t have to read so much. That’s a win in my book.

Oh, one more thing that I want to ask of you. I have a tag over there on the right called “classic.” These are posts that I think are the creme of the crop. At least in my eyes. If you happen to find a post that you feel in quintessential tonybullard.com, then please, let me know in the comments. This is for two reasons: 1) this helps me keep my falsely inflated ego afloat. 2) It’s a nice way for new-comers to get an idea of what this site is all about. On rare occasions.

So there you go. New tb.com. And by “new” I mean, “same, but different looking.” So you know, it’s like tb.com got a haircut. Heh, haircuts.

gaming with game designers

Tonight I went to a GGDA meting. That’s Georgia Game Developer’s Association. Juan and I have been working audioGIANT.org now for a while (really Juan has been working on it, I just jumped in a week or two ago) and this is was a step to get to know the local game developers community better.

I’ve been playing with the idea of Game Audio for a while now. It’s certainly another facet of Sound Design, and heck, I love video games, so it only makes sense to at least pursue the idea some.

audioGIANT.org is basically an association of Game Audio developers in Georgia. We’re trying to stir up the game dev business in Georgia so maybe some of the abundance of audio guys in Georgia can start working on games.

It’s really interesting to work on a blog with other people. Here I just talk about whatever, rarely with any sort of focus or goal. But it’s interesting to search out particular info and present it to a group of people that are essentially on the same page as you. For instance, I know that most of what I’ve said above probably won’t interest most of the people who read this blog with any sort of regularity, but that’s OK. Also working alongside other people makes it feel very team-like, and while I’ve never liked sports much, working on a team has always pleased me.

So yeah, not much to say really. Met some new folks. A nice guy named Tom Grant that does character animation.Got my ass kicked in Call of Duty 4 4 by the guy who ran the gaming facility (doesn’t seem very fair does it?) Overall, had a nice time, and who knows where it’ll lead!

just because you’re site doesn’t exist doesn’t mean you can’t post on it.

it’s funny how excited i am about re-launching tb.com. if things keep going at this pace, tb.com would have been down for all of a week and a half. maybe. but i gotta admit, as soon as it was shut off, it made me sad. it kinda felt like being homeless. i wandered around the internet, and while i had a few well known haunts…there was no home for me. no place where i could go that i knew was mine. call me a dork, i don’t care, i love having my site. not to mention that of all my site designs, this one is my favorite. or at the least, it’s the one i’m most proud of. i’m learning more about photoshop as time passes, and lately i’ve been spending a lot of time on learning how to fake pictures and whatnot. stuff like this one i did for my band. so i just kinda pulled up a picture in photoshop and started playing around, and the design just sorta fell into place. it wasn’t the most difficult thing i’ve ever done, and any photoshop pro could figure it out real quick, but it took me a little thinking and recalling several aspects of photoshop’s abilities, and well, it took some skill, and that makes me proud. that was one long sentence. so now i’ve just got to go through and copy and paste a ton of html to format the old pages into the new design. this is where having fancy web design programs pays off. but i’m a purist, and i will continue to use the ever faithful notepad. so hopefully soon here i’ll have the site up and we can all enjoy tb.com like we use to. or perhaps differently. who knows.