MOC Adventure #002


So Noah and Desi got a ginormous LEGO present from some wonderful people from our church, and I must say, I’ve been enjoying them quite a bit. I made the joke when they gave them to us that it may be more of a present for me than them.

I’ve even got Tree respecting the LEGO brand with comments like “I don’t think we need any more LEGO.” (There’s no such thing as ‘Legos’.) Granted, her statement as a whole was the most evil of lies, but there’s something to be said about saying the wrong thing the right way.

So the boys and I were building the other day and this is a little something I cooked up. My second official MOC. (My Own Creation in the LEGO community) Nothing much, just a little ship. I just wanted to show it off.



She's got a big ol' booty.

She’s got a big ol’ booty.


What can I say. I like my ladies with a little junk in their trunk.

Teresa (with Desi): Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?

Noah (to Tony): Daddy, do that with me!

Tony: How about we cut out the middleman and you just hit yourself?

A Body Like This

Well, here we go. The culmination of months of work. This song has nearly enveloped my life. I can finally let it out into the wild and free myself from the burden of keeping this thing secret any longer.

It all started, as so many songs do, in the shower. The lyrical content may make that a little more than obvious. As I figured out the lyrics, I wondered if I could ever do them justice. This is a genre I’ve never tackled before, and pulling it off would mean doing it just right.

Heck, before I could even worry about all the finer details I had to figure out the chord progression. Since I normally write chords first, lyrics and melody later, working backwards was tricky. My limited music theory knowledge probably got in the way more than it helped.

But rarely does one of my songs end up pulling my whole family in. You see, for this song I required a choir. And in asking the internet to provide voices for me, I had to do plenty of editing to get everyone synced right. Which means playing the choir part over and over and over again. So my whole family has been singing “With a body like this” to themselves for the past couple weeks. No one more so that Desi, who is a slave to a catchy melody. I even had the fun of explaining to a bible study group why my son was walking around singing “wiff a bo-dee wike dis!” to himself.

Seriously, Desi is really into this song. See the video below the song (but listen to the song first!)

But the best part of all this was the outpouring of help I got from total strangers. I posted on Reddit asking people to record themselves singing my meager choir parts and send them back to me. I was pretty surprised at the response I got. Of course, as it always is with unpaid volunteer work, more people said “I’ll do it” than actually did, but none the less I got enough solid material to build a nice little choir. Only one woman responded though, so I had to enlist Teresa and my sister Page to fill out the upper register. I think it turned out pretty great considering.

The Body Like This choir consists of the following:
Breton Parks – fourtylocks
Reece – Golden Buns
Jordan J Howell
Stu Rosenberg – dong_lover
Laura Molina – La_Diabla
Jordan – Duduturkeysauce
Page Burris
Teresa Bullard

So enough with all the fanfare: How about we get down to bidness?

Let me know what you think. Feel free to share it in all those internet social places. Leave a comment telling me I’ve changed your life. You know, whatever.

Oh, yeah, and here’s Desi unable to stop himself from rocking out to the guitar solo: