my computer is a pretty nice computer. it’s no super computer, but over the few years i’ve had it, i have installed new hardware and RAM and whatnot, and made it into a pretty powerful computing machine. it can calculate millions of lines of code in seconds, it can take numbers and letters and turn them into spectacular 3 dimensional worlds…but without the internet…it feels kinda like an empty pad of paper. so much potential, but so little content. it holds my entire CD collection in the controversial mp3 form, and it has on it several of the latest video games, not to mention the older ones just begging to be re-installed and played again. but other than playing video games and typing up whiney web page posts (which will have to be posted at a later date) it just feels kinda…shallow. i’m far too used to sitting in front of my computer and having the world at my fingertips, but without the internet, my computer feels about as deep as my monitor. no connection to outside worlds, no plethora of information…just a desktop of a cool photo, and a few folders that link to games.

there’s that, and the fact that not getting cable until the 7th means i’m going to miss two episodes in a row of nip/tuck. life just isn’t fair. even the starving kids in china agree.