desi’s first bike ride

Finally! After a year of waiting we got to do another family bike ride. As of the 25th Desi is deemed magically fit for bicycle riding.

Does this kid look ready to ride or what?

Any doubt that Teresa didn’t take to heart my year of whining was gone when we went out Sunday in the mid day heat. It was roughly two-hundred and thirty seven degrees out. 112% humidity. Needless to say the ride was short, but it was still enjoyable. We had to face the sad reality that hot while riding equals dying of heat stroke once you stop. (I think that’s God’s way of telling you to just stay on your bike.)

It was fun to see Teresa on a bike again. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but Tree is a closet bike lover. She’ll never admit to it, but when she gets on that trail, and no one else is around, she goes silent and gradually starts to speed up. Before I know it she’s disappeared around the bend and is nowhere to be found.

She had a rude awakening now that Noah is doing his own pedaling. She could play speed demon when I had Noah on the back of my bike, but now she’s gotta learn some self control. The big problem is that Noah absolutely refuses to “lose” to anyone. The entire bike ride he’s spouting off about what his race number is and how he’s winning and beating everyone etc. So when Tree takes off on one of her speed trances Noah immediately does his best to keep up, which is hard with the amateur gearing on his bike.

Meanwhile, Desi gives very little input.

I can't ever tell if this is from comfort or boredom.

If Tree wasn’t in one of her speed trances I’m sure she would have questioned whether he was napping or having a heat stroke.

We had almost made it back to the car when Noah’s spirit gave out on him and the last 100 yards or so was through gnashed teeth and howls, like we’ve seen in the past.

Overall, no one died, or lost any skin, so I’d deem it a successful family bike ride. Now we just have to do this once a week.

page wrecks a bike

Yesterday Noah, Elijah, Desi, Page and I went to the Big Creek Pump Track to give it a go. Page, against my recommendation, decided to try the down hill track that gets pretty darn fast. I present you the results.

The annotations don’t seem to be working, so maybe they just need to be processed or something…You may or may not be able to understand what Page is saying as she’s nearly killing herself.

Good to know I’m not the only one that can’t manage to stay on top of my bike.

noah learns to ride a bike

Disclaimer: This footage is not doctored. There was no digital retouching done to take out training wheels.

5 Minutes. That’s all it took. Don’t believe me? Here’s an extended” grandma” edition that’s 10 minutes long. I push him maybe 3 or four times, and then he’s off on his own.

I had read in the past that there’s no statistical evidence that push bikes get kids riding real bikes sooner, but I call BS. Noah has been riding his for just over a year, and he took to the pedal bike like a fish to water. Seriously, in the extended video, I shot video for the entire “lesson.”

And he’s already a pro. He rides now like he’s been doing it forever. On occasion he’ll get flustered because he tries to start out by pushing the pedal backwards, and the brake stop him, but other than that, he just hops on and goes.

Later in the afternoon we went to a park so he could ride some more, and the combination of heat, hills, and time of day got the best of him.

He had lost it. His mind was trying to hold two opposing thoughts at once. At one point he said he wanted to go home and take a nap, then the next that he wanted to keep riding. Then he asked for a blanket and his “bobby” so he could just nap on the bench there. I told him we could go home, and he responded with “But I wanna ride my bike! I don’t like it anymore. My legs hurt! I don’t want to nap!” Just a stream of nonsensical consciousness that would have put Alanis Morrisette to shame.

Today he got some time to ride around in our driveway, but that’s hard since it’s basically just a hill. I’m counting down the days until Desi’s 1 Year birthday so Tree will let me get him in the kid’s bike seat and the whole family can finally go for a bike ride again.

She wonders why I don’t want to have another kid…it’s cause I don’t want to take another 18 month hiatus from family bike rides.