another year down.

I managed to make it through another year alive. I wasn’t too sure after getting hit by a car and nearly killing myself on the side of a mountain, but it looks like I’m still in one piece.

29 years old. That’s a decent bit of time.

Funny/sad story. Two weeks ago I looked at Tree and said, “Dang Terese…I’m gonna be twenty eight years old.” She looked at me, with a sort of “Oh you poor thing” expression.

“Baby, You ARE 28. you’re going to be 29.”

I was a little taken aback. I had never internalized being 28. Seriously. The thought just never took hold. No sarcasm here. Here’s proof: Here’s a comment I made at the beginning of July, clearly saying I was 27 years old. And I’m not vain enough to just lie about my age.

I lost a whole year. I had 12 months to enjoy being 28, but I squandered it thinking I was lame old 27. I just googled “28 year old” and all I got was stories about 28yo guys murdering people. Imagine if I had taken hold of my 28’ness. I could have changed the world’s perception of 28 year old men.

But maybe it’s not too late. After all, I’ve got 12 more months of being 28!

the difference

Story related from Teresa:

I just saw a great example of the difference between little boys and girls.

There was a lizard on the ground, and the little girl said “Aww, look at the baby lizard!”

The boy replied with “Kill It!”


future technologies

So we’ve all heard “It’s 20__, where are my flying cars?” Well, I’m starting to think such things myself. I mean, according to furniture store commercials, 2010 is coming up soon, and that’s one of those years that really sounds futuristic.

But I’m not looking for jet packs or robot maids. I want something simple. Pee-In-Your-Bed technologies.

You may have not been expecting a post like this for a few more years. You probably weren’t expecting a post like this at all. No, Noah is not having bed wetting troubles, he’s still in the league of “I can pee when I want where I want.”

No, I want this technology for me. And I know you want it for you too.

I’m old now. I know this because every morning at 3 am, I have to get up out of bed and go to the bathroom. There are few things worse than waking up, and feeling that urge in your bladder, but trying to convince yourself you can go a few more hours before you’ll burst. Anything to stay under the warm, luxurious covers. And we all know how our minds work at that time of the day. You can convince yourself of anything.

But I want to eliminate this dilemma all together. I want you, and I, to be free to pee in the bed without repercussions. I don’t think it’s that crazy. We’ve put a man on the moon. We’ve created computers you can fit in your hand. I’ve seen those “feminine napkin” commercials…we have the absorption technology. I think the only thing standing in the way is our pride. Well folks, it’s time we learn a little something about humility, and a good night’s rest.

Are you with me?

growing old

tonight i went to a five iron frenzy show. i was really looking forward to it because it will be the last time i ever see them play live. they are breaking up at the end of this “winners never quit: the farewell tour.” the sad part is, i didn’t enjoy the show as much as i could have mostly because i spent most of it hating teenagers. here i am two years out of being one, and i can’t stand the majority of them. i remember having so much fun moshing when i was a kid, but man…now it’s just annoying. the place was packed, and these kids just had to push each other around, which is turn pushed the whole crowd around. i just wanted to watch one of my favorite bands play their last show…not play the “how much weight until you loose your balance” game. i actually almost got in a fight at one point, which is very unlike me. some kid ran into me really hard a few times, and i got sick of it so i grabbed him and threw him into the pit. he came back, we yelled at each other, and i can’t remember how, but it ended fairly quickly. i’m not sure what happened, but he ended up walking away…maybe i scared him off…ha…that’d be funny. growing up as a really small kid, i got stuck with this idea that i’m smaller than everyone else, and loosing the few fights i’ve ever been in, i got the idea that i can’t fight in my head too. it was odd, cause when i was yelling at the guy, the thought passed through my head that i could take him, and then i thought how odd it was that i thought i could, considering my past disposition to getting beat up. but all ended well…i apologized after the show when i saw the guy outside, and he said he was in the wrong too…heh…only at a Christian show.
my fiancee made the comment that it’s a good thing that five iron frenzy is breaking up, cause we both can’t stand fif fans. i mean…there’s nothing wrong with a kid being into a band, but there’s just a really big feeling of youth group overacting in the air. only the church kids will understand that one.