so…now what?

I’ve spent the last two weeks, off and on, doing pretty intense work to get together. I learned CSS just so I could feel a little better about my prowess as a web designer. And then I found WordPress to help me get this whole blog thing together, and that was a feat on it’s own. Not that WordPress is hard to work with…but coming up with your own layout that doesn’t look exactly like everyone else’s…that’s a little more difficult.

Once I got everything together, photo galleries made up, music page all written up, I went around to all the big blog search engines and such and registered myself. Now when people type “music”, “photography”, or “spirituality” they’ll see my blog listed…after they click through a hundred or so pages. But I’m in there…somewhere.

So I’ve followed “How to start you blog” blogs and done everything to get my site all ready to go…and now I wait. I pray to God for inspiration and good sense, in hopes of getting some good content on this here site. Every other time I’ve re-designed I’ve had the years of former posts to act as content. But not this time. Startin’ from scratch. Maybe a video of me and my band screwing around in the studio instead of recording will entertain you. What do you think Nathaniel?