slight adjustment

You may notice things look slightly different than they did last time you looked at them. The design is pretty much the same, but the big change is the content area. I’ve stretched the measly 375 pixel area into 490 pixels. What does this mean to you? Less scrolling, and bigger, better pictures of Noah. Oh yeah, can you feel the excitement? I can too. Or maybe that’s just the taco I had for lunch.

Either way, what used to be this:

Is now this:

Look at that…you can count the tears. It’s…IN HIGH DEFINITION!

  • Mom

    SLAVE LABOR!!! My poor grandbaby! I do like the larger pictures–now how ’bout a smily one?! 😉

    Love to all!! Mom

  • Big sister

    Why is he crying, anyway?

  • tonybullard

    You never cried when you had to do chores?

  • Mom

    So where are the smiley pics??!!