remind you of anyone?

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Note: The only people who will understand who this reminds them of are my close family, because I can’t link you to a nearly identical video of my nephew, because my sister is convinced that if you see that video, you will find her name and address and hunt down and steal her son.

  • Mom

    Yes, this does remind me of the aforementioned but unnamed nephew, and as soon as you open up the caged kitchen it will be exactly the same!

    We have got to set a weekend to come get our hands on him! And see you and Teresa, of course.

    Love, Mom

  • Big Sis

    LOL. So the squeeling thing came from the Bullard side. Should have known.
    And they would SO steal my kid…

  • Mom

    Iswear after he falls and you ask if he’s OK, he says, “No, I’m good.