picky pepper packets

so it’s been a while. i could go on about working two jobs and whatnot, but i’ll spare you. i’m trying to cut down on complaining. which makes me wonder exactly what i’d put up here if i didn’t complain. well, judging by the last month or so, absolutely nothing.

as i start writing this, i realize i have nothing to say. this has been the cause for the delay also. i just don’t find myself all that interesting, so why the heck would you people. this sparks inside me the idea that i should turn this into a professional site…again. but then i think about who would ever look at it…since i’m not exactly a freelance engineer, and the idea of getting even more work right now makes me want to crawl into the corner and cry. but keeping as it is…this thing that i refuse to admit is a blog, seems kinda pointless also. cause well, i can’t remember the last time i posted anything on this site beside odd, meandering posts like this one. but maybe i can prevent this from being nothing more than another stupdi post by asking you this question, which you can respond to below in the little comments thingy. Netflix vs. Blockbuster. Blockbuster now has a program similar to Netflix. gimme pros and cons of each. or dont…whatever.

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