now i get it

This morning I awoke at 5:45am because I am an idiot.

My sister is a runner. She’s done a couple marathons. Not halves, like losers do, but full marathons. When she moved into my neighborhood, I kicked around the idea of running with her. Lucky for me, she had fallen out of practice with the move, and was interested in short runs again. She also lamented a couple times about not getting back to it yet, so I figured I’d be a good brother, and get her started again by volunteering to go with her.

I just finished reading Don Miller’s A Million Miles in a Thousand Years which talks about kicking off your life’s “better story” with “inciting incidents”. This was mine. If I do it with Page, I may actually stick to it.

So we ran. I know enough people who run to have heard about all the little things that go with it. I can say that, after my 1.5 mile run this morning, it all makes sense.

About 200 yards in I began to beg Jesus for my second wind. Shortly there after, maybe around the quarter mile mark, I felt my nipples begin to chafe. Once we hit a mile, I started to feel a little better. My shoes felt more comfortable as my toe nails fell out. And then I crapped my pants.

So really, I think I covered the gamut of what runners experience. I certainly see now why they enjoy it so much. I never got the “runner’s high” but I imagine that comes once I lose feeling in my hamstrings. Lord knows that hasn’t happened yet.

All in all, I’d consider it a success. I did survive. I spent the rest of the morning bored from being up too early. Even after showering I was sweaty, so that was fun. Nothing like wiping your brow in between bites of cereal. Will i do it again? Well, Page has said we should try again on Wednesday. We’ll see.

  • Jim

    I didn’t start really enjoying running until I got to the point where I could comfortably run 10 miles.

    My legs might fall off if I tried that now.

  • Juan

    I don’t even enjoy walking, ever.

  • Susan Stagg Cooper

    This is BS. I’ve been running for a year now and have never experienced the “runner’s high” and you feel it after running half a mile. I mean, I feel good after running, but certainly not during.

  • Page

    Well first of all, I have run half marathons too. But anyway, I’m really glad you did it! :) I’ve only ever gotten a runners high after a run and its usually only the really long ones. So we’ll have to work up to it…

  • Charles Galvin

    Bandaids go a long way for your nipples. After my shirt looked like Ed Helms’ in the episode of the office I decided to just suck it up and try them. I thought I’d sweat them off, but they hold up pretty well. Just make sure to pull them off while you’re still sweaty makes a big difference.

    Also, when you’re running you aren’t moving by things so fast. You can find a lot more little pleasures in the world. I found a great tree several weeks back. I decided I would climb it last week (

    As far as being sweaty after your showers, just wait. Take off the sweatiest of layers, and make breakfast. Once your body temperature has come down a bit the shower feels a lot better.