noah rides

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He’s getting really good. It’s not shown in the video, but he’ll sometimes take that turn really fast, with his feet off the ground for 5 or 6 seconds, adjusting through the turn, really controlling his balance. He’s never gonna know what training wheels are.

Apologies for the poor video, my phone was the only thing I could find. Also, the audio is really low, which is a downside of the G1. The mic points towards the shooter, so I’m loud, while Noah’s adorable comments are quiet. It’s worth turning up your speakers.

(For those reading on Facebook, you have to click the “View Original Post” to see the video.)

  • Page

    He is doing awesome! When you ride with him does he just ride next to you? I run with Elijah on Saturday mornings and he rides his bike next to me. He loves it!

  • Big Sis

    I need to show this to Sam to shame into learning how to ride his bike. He refuses to do it even though he knows how! Stubborn child…