noah learns to ride a bike

Disclaimer: This footage is not doctored. There was no digital retouching done to take out training wheels.

5 Minutes. That’s all it took. Don’t believe me? Here’s an extended” grandma” edition that’s 10 minutes long. I push him maybe 3 or four times, and then he’s off on his own.

I had read in the past that there’s no statistical evidence that push bikes get kids riding real bikes sooner, but I call BS. Noah has been riding his for just over a year, and he took to the pedal bike like a fish to water. Seriously, in the extended video, I shot video for the entire “lesson.”

And he’s already a pro. He rides now like he’s been doing it forever. On occasion he’ll get flustered because he tries to start out by pushing the pedal backwards, and the brake stop him, but other than that, he just hops on and goes.

Later in the afternoon we went to a park so he could ride some more, and the combination of heat, hills, and time of day got the best of him.

He had lost it. His mind was trying to hold two opposing thoughts at once. At one point he said he wanted to go home and take a nap, then the next that he wanted to keep riding. Then he asked for a blanket and his “bobby” so he could just nap on the bench there. I told him we could go home, and he responded with “But I wanna ride my bike! I don’t like it anymore. My legs hurt! I don’t want to nap!” Just a stream of nonsensical consciousness that would have put Alanis Morrisette to shame.

Today he got some time to ride around in our driveway, but that’s hard since it’s basically just a hill. I’m counting down the days until Desi’s 1 Year birthday so Tree will let me get him in the kid’s bike seat and the whole family can finally go for a bike ride again.

She wonders why I don’t want to have another kid…it’s cause I don’t want to take another 18 month hiatus from family bike rides.

  • Yolanda Alfonso

    Aww that’s awesome how old is he?

  • Tony Bullard Jr

    4 Years old last Monday.

  • Yolanda Alfonso

    wow that’s super young to ride without training wheels …way to go!

  • Beth Korte Gray

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Page Bullard Burris

    So proud of him! Elijah will be very impressed considering it took him two summers to figure it out, but he is a pro now:) he was trying no hands just a few weeks ago.

  • Susan Stagg Cooper

    That’s amazing, Tony! Good job! It only took me 12 years to learn.

  • Jeff McMichael

    It’s just a matter of time before he’ll drop you on the hills.

  • Mom

    Well, I just watched the Grandma version and I am imPRESSED! Please give Noah a hug for us and tell him that we are SO proud of him! He is an “awesome stander-upper,” among other things.

  • Ted Johnson

    I’m a believer. I discovered balance bikes too late–for myself and for the kids in my life:

    At Bike Shop Hub, we grudgingly sell one kind of training wheels. But we sell five kinds of balance bikes.