never ithaca

“The Riots Are Prerecorded” was completed in 2006, shortly after Never Ithaca broke up.  It’s been sitting on my hard drive since then due to laziness, lack of motivation, and forgetfulness.

At the time of recording Never Ithaca was:
Adam Wesolowski – Guitar
Nate Peebles – Guitar
Tony Bullard – Vocals
Brian (Brad) Diehl – Bass
Gary Garofano – Drums
And any time you hear killer background vocals, that’s probably Juan Baez III

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This zip file contains all 8 songs in 192kbps mp3s, and a .pdf of artwork designed by Nate Peebles and Adam Wesolowski.

This album is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License.  That means you can give it to your friends, enemies, or local government representative.  It also means you can use it for your YouTube videos and home movies, as long as you let people know it’s Never Ithaca.  But you can’t use it to sell your shoes, promote your business, or market your new kind of taco.

Actually, talk to me about that last one.  I could easily be swayed with life time tacos.

And here is the very last song Never Ithaca ever played live.  I believe it is the perfect example of why we should never play again.

And here’s a list of the various dead sites we left in our wake:

  • Nathan

    I really enjoy this music, although I have to agree after seeing that video that it is probably a good thing Never Ithaca quit when they did. The Dance and Box are thus far my favorites. Thanks for sharing it with us!