my music history

I was lucky enough to grow up in a musical family. My parents always listened to the oldies stations (which back then feature 50’s, 60’s music) and always influenced us to be musical people. Whether it be by piano lessons when I was in the fourth grade, or just getting involved at the churches kid’s choir, I was surrounded by music practically from birth.

I never really understood music as a personal thing though until the beginning of 7th grade, when a cute blond girl that sat behind me in homeroom told me of this band “Nirvana” and gave me a tape, which she had copied from a CD with a naked baby on the cover. I was skeptical. Starting at the bus ride home, I was hooked. Being a upper-middle class white kid from the suburbs of Tampa, Florida, who had a good relationship with his parents, I didn’t really pick up on the whole angst thing, but I did know I liked the music. That year I learned how to play drums in the school band. I was the first kid to graduate to drum set.

I spent a year working on my drum set skills before my friends and I decided we needed to start a band. We all loved Nirvana, almost exclusively, and what better way to express that love than by ripping them off? Christmas day came, and we all got our instruments. I got a drum set, John got a bass guitar, and Frankie got…a drum set. A bigger drum set. Frankie got to be the drummer. Luckily, Frankie’s little brother got a guitar, which I “borrowed” and taught myself guitar. We were all beginners on our instruments, so it evened out. JATO was born.

We played together for a long while, never playing any real shows, as I was too afraid to perform in front of people. So we remained in the living until Frankie dropped out and John moved to drums. We found ourselves a new bass player, Andrew, and that was our final incarnation. We played a only a few shows, one of which was a first place win at a battle of the bands.

Somewhere late in JATO’s life I joined Soul of the Savior as the drummer. Soul of the Savior was a metalcore band at it’s beginning, until the guitar player, Raf, and I threw everyone out and decided we were going to be a death metal band. From there, Raf and I wrote a 4 song EP, which we recorded on our own. Raf did guitars, I did drums, bass, vocals, and keyboard. So we decided we needed to flesh out this group and we got a drummer, Gabe, and a bass player, Rob, and started playing shows. We had a good run, for a death metal band at least. It’s kinda hard to find places that will a death metal band play. Throw in the fact that we were a Christian death metal band, and it makes it even trickier.

Soul of the Savior broke up when I moved to Orlando to go to Full Sail. Inspired by my classes, I began to build my own home recording set up and record my own songs. Since then, solo music has been a companion to whatever band I’m in at the time.

I joined Never Ithaca about half-way through 2003, where we went through a long period of playing shows and swapping out members. We recorded a 5 song album that finished up right as we decided to call it quits, and the album was never released.

Currently (as of May ’08) I write music for They’re drumless guitar tracks of the death metal genre, for drummers to practice to. I may adapt some into full songs in the future. Other than that, the occasional random song will fall out of my head, but I’m not currently working on any specific projects.

  • Brandon Reichard

    Hey Tony, I have been a fan of yours for a long time. I listened to SOTS when I was in high school. At that time I was in a Christian metal band, and I always enjoyed seeing what other Christian metal bands were doing. I actually talked to you via e-mail for a while, and just kinda lost contact. I was hoping you could e-mail me sometime to tell me about your time at Full Sail. I’m in the Navy now, and I haven’t figured out which art form I wish to persue after my time is up. i can’t wait to hear from you man.