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The Metal Vocal Tutorial

My Music History

Undead Viking Mafia
I play bass for UVM. Go bang your head.
I write guitar only tracks for drummers to practice to. (My stuff) mostly leans towards extreme metal.

As seen at the top there. Pretty much where all my music resides.

This site hasn’t been updated in a while , but it’s got a decent collection of stuff I’ve done starting around when I began at Full Sail.

Tony and Juan and Adam
Juan is a fellow classmate from Full Sail, whom I moved to Atlanta with in our persuit for audio fame. Adam is a friend of our. These are the stupid songs we’ve made together. They’re also both in UVM.

Never Ithaca
My former band. With Adam, from Tony and Juan and Adam.

  • branko

    the vocal tutorial has been a great help thanks for that and btw nice song!

  • Thomas

    Awesome… Just plain awesome, man. I checked out your songs and found your tutorial, and now to my surprise, I can actually scream, and my voice doesn’t hurt at all. I thought you had to sacrifice your vocal cords to belt stuff out like that, but now I got it down the right way. Thanks a ton man for putting out a tutorial that was actually helpful! Lots of people’s tutorials on this topic suck… One thing though: You know in a lot of like, death metal type stuff, the vocalist sometimes does a scream that sounds like a pig squeal? I’ve tried that and I’m pretty sure I’m doing it wrong… And I was wondering if maybe you knew how to do that?

  • Steve G

    Hey Tony, its Steve agian. i posted a umm like a year back and i just wanted to say, ive put together a band and im lead vocs. ive used your tutorial for a year and it has proven me success. thank you so much!

  • teo

    norma jean fan or what? ” Christ is not a fashion, fleeting away ” ^^ it sounds so freakin amazing, like the devil himself or something.

  • joel

    I listened to the tutorial and i’m very happy that i did that. Beacuse i’ve wanted to learn this typ of “song” for a very long time. The tutorial leaves me with hope to learn it. God Bless /joel

  • Ian Gilberts

    You are an amazing metal vocalist I want to thank you for the tutorial
    its helped so much!!!!!!!!

  • Rune

    A long time ago i listened to your metal Vocal tutorial.. now im a great singer, even been called unique at growling, and other stuff… Thanks for your Help Tony Bullard, you’re one of my idols of growling 😉

  • Jake c

    Hello there, i realy like your music on your mp3 player mate, its pure good.

  • Jeremy

    wow this is sweet! great job!

  • Max

    wow u r an awesome vocallist

    huge thanks for the tutorial !!!
    u r like a hero to me 😀

  • Vlad

    Thanks! for everything
    From romania

  • Devin

    Yo. I believe I ran into you on years ago. Somehow got your cover of I Want It That Way. Anyhoo, now years later, I found it among a stack of label-less burnt CDs. I still enjoy it.

    Thought you’d like to know.

  • Jetmund

    Best growltutorial on the entire web. Amazing work you’ve got here dude. Thanks, you have done a great job. And your growls are awesome. Perfect. Keep it heavy \m/

  • daniel dreiberg

    just thought i’d give ya some props g.

    Listened to your tutorial a couple years ago. Started off disgustingly horrible but now my death growls are fukin intennnce as shit.

    All thanks to you, wouldn’t have got it had I not heard your audio. Peace!

  • C-MM

    Loved the Rock Lobster Death Metal cover!!! You have an amazing range of styles. I liked the 8-bit track, too!

  • Nuno

    Your tutorial help’s me a lot.. it easy to understand.. I used to do fry scream,, and now I can Growl after practice your tutorial for about 4 months.. Thx dude.. You are the Man..!! ^^\m/