meow says the kitty

just to show that i’m not completely self absorbed, a post about my roommate, Juan:

I’ve been living with Juan for nearly 5 months now, after having met him at fullsail. when we first started our little adventure, he said to me, “i’ll like…pet your cats occasionally and stuff…but, like…i’m not gonna pay for cat food or anything.” what he was trying to say is that, just because the cats are in his apartment, he doesn’t want me to assume he has to do anything about them. this is all well and good, it’s not like i’d expect my roommate to pay me some sort of cat rent, like i’m some sort of cat pimp and they are my little petting prostitutes. but it’s funny to watch him now, lovin’ on my cats. he tends to feed them more than i do, because he gets up earlier than i do, and taylor is pretty much un- ignorable in the mornings.

but i must say that this humourous evolution came to it’s peak when juan and i were watching “the shield” (best show ever) and in the end (*spoiler alert*) the character “Dutch” strangles a cat (don’t ask why, you’d have to watch the show). The funny thing was, as the charcater approached the cat, juan made a little joke about snapping the cats neck…(once again, makes sense if you saw the show), but when the character picked up the cat and actually strangled it, juan paused and stated “that’s messed up.” it’s always fun to watch a tough guy get soft.