it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

I’m flipping through the channels, and everything on the screen is green and red. Ever since those tornadoes happened in downtown Atlanta, all the news stations go nuts about anything weather related. Light showers in the morning? Have you prepared your disaster kit? So all this screaming about how you’re going to die from a humid morning sorta drowns out nights like tonight, where I knew nothing of the impending hail storm that beat my car like a kid with too much lunch money. I was lucky enough to get of the bus before the rain started, which was nice, but it was weird to watch the weather get worse and worse with every turn I took.
First turn brought rain, second brought small, intermittent hail, third brought full on hail, fourth brought no-visibility rain and baseballs from the sky.

Gah, what a low. “Get weather reports from!” Sorry.