So my mother-in-law and both sisters-in-law are visiting for the weekend, and they brought with them my nephew, Aidan. He’s at the 5 week mark currently and I must say, it’s scary how quickly I have forgotten how those little versions work. Aidan is tiny and fragile, and he seems to constantly let out a rusty squeaking sound, like a small metal device that’s being used wrong.

When these visitors first pulled up in the driveway, I swooped right in for the baby, wanting to get my first live look at him. I pulled him out of the car seat, and I was instantly greeted with terror. I couldn’t remember what 5 weeks meant. Can he support his own head? Is he going to be squirmy, or will he be too weak to fight against anyone holding him? I don’t remember being this nervous holding Noah for the first time.

Watching Teresa hold him, I’m glad to se she doesn’t have that, “I need another one of these” look in her eye. I guess Noah is enough of a monster for both of us right now.

I pretty much haven’t held Aidan since last night. I feel sorta shell-shocked. Baby-shocked? It’s no critique of Aidan when I say this, but I sure don’t want another one of those any time soon.

  • Mom

    Well, as a mom who had 3 babies in 4 1/2 years, (and I’m sure Lori will agree with me) it’s crazy at the beginning, but once they get older you’ll be glad you had them close together. Once the younger gets to be 1, they play together and don’t require every minute of your personal attention. It’s better than them not having anything in common because they are so far apart. Have one and give it to Katharine! (I’m kidding!)

  • Aidan’s Dad

    Don’t make fun of my baby’s squeaks, he will grow out of that. And please support his head if you hold him…I don’t want it to fall off.

  • tonybullard

    I make no promises.

  • Big sister

    I totally feel the same way! All my friends have small babies (second babies) and I’m all like Oops! Dropped your kid! Bizarre how in no time you forget. I remember holding and feeding Noah about 6 months ago and he was drooling and spitting up all over me and I thought, “Yeah, I SO don’t miss this!”

  • Tony Bullard

    My theory is this: parenting is so draining of the mind that your brain has to sloth off old parenting skills like dead skin to make room for new ones.