I need a Hero!

I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night
He’s gotta be strong
And he’s gotta be fast
And he’s gotta be fresh from the fight!

Remember that song? Bonnie Tyler. Footloose. No? Eh, whatever. Truth is, I didn’t even really remember it, but with the magic of Google, I’ve given you the illusion of that knowledge. The internet is just one big bed of lies. And I don’t even make my bed.

But none of the rest of this post is about Bonnie Tyler, or Footloose, or even montage songs from the 80’s (even though I have such a huge love for them) No, the rest of this post is about Guitar Hero. What is Guitar Hero you ask? Well, it’s a game. You see, it’s a game designed with the inner soul of man in mind. It is a game, in which, using a guitar-like controller, you “perform” songs of varying difficulty. The controller has five buttons on what would be the fretboard, and a little device to strum in the appropriate area. So you follow the little on screen buttons, and play along with the songs. When you mess up, you hear the lead guitar part mess up with you. Conversely, play it right, and it’s just like the song you grew up loving. So you stand in front of your TV, and you rock out like a fiend while mildly convincing yourself that you could play along with the very guitar heroes who wrote the songs.

But wait, it gets better. There’s actually a tilt sensor in the controller, and moments in the game that require you to tilt the guitar back to gain extra points. The game not only demands you play, it demands that you rock!

I have never once played this game, and yet it haunts me. I can’t even explain why I want to play it so bad. But here’s the ultimate downside. It’s available only on the Playstation 2. As if I didn’t hate Sony enough, they have to go and steal the good games just for stupid brand competition. Grrr. Here I am with a PC and an Xbox, and no way to play out my guitar virtuoso fantasies. What? Play the real guitar that I have? But…that takes practice to be awesome. I wanna rock the five buttons!

But perhaps there is hope for me yet!

Guitar Hero is not limited to Sony. It is not an exclusive title, and there is not a deal with Sony or anything like that. Red Octane decided to release Guitar Hero for Playstation 2 because that was the biggest installed user base. That was the only reason.

It would seem that the boys over at RedOctane are very open and even excited about working on the Wii! Sure, they’re not out there, and I’ve never owned a Nintendo console in my life, but I’m sure as heck a lot more likely to buy a Wii than I am a PS2.

So maybe all is not lost. I guess we’ll see. Until then, I’ll have to just hope upon the chance that I may be at someone’s house and notice a funny looking tiny guitar in the corner…