i just need to point this out

Squeaky, jumpy bi-folding pantry door.
“Maybe I should wax it. Do we have any old candles?”
“What? No, why don’t you use grease?”
“cause grease is messy.”
“Who uses wax?”
“Skateboarders…it’s perfect for this.”
“Why don’t you do these dishes instead?”
“cause I want to fix our house.”
“Do the dishes.”
“Fine, I’ll do the dishes, you go out in the garage and look on the shelf for candles.”
“What?! We do not have candles in the garage!”
“You memorized and cataloged the contents of the shelves in the garage?”
“No, but I have never bought candles, and I wouldn’t store them in the garage.”
“You’re the only person that lives in this house?”
“You have never bought candles.”
“This house was completely empty when we bought it?”
“Do the dishes.”
“Look for the candles.”
“Then You do the dishes, I’m looking for candles.”
Return from garage 20 seconds later with huge candle, one of six, left by previous owner.
“Kiss my feet.”
Wax squeaky, jumpy bi-folding pantry door. Works like a charm. Door slides smooth and is no longer squeaky.
“Kiss my feet!”
“I’m going to post about this!”

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    LOL. Brian and I had a conversation much like this one recently.
    *Ring ring*
    “Hello?” says Brian
    “Where’s the $20 that’s supposed to be in my wallet?”
    “I don’t know.”
    “You stole it, didn’t you?!”
    “I did no such thing.”
    “How dare you go into my wallet and take my precious cash!””
    “I promise you I didn’t take your money.”
    Later that evening …
    “I found my $20 in my pocket.”
    “I told you I didn’t take it.”
    “You should stop putting my cash in my pocket.”

  • Mom

    Isn’t marriage wonderful?! What would you do without that other precious person?!?!

    Love ya!

  • Page

    you spelled marriage wrong in your topic link. love you.